Hello there! Welcome to Kelly’s Rambles.

A 30 year old secondary school teacher based in the UK who loves to read. I love spending my time cosied up with a good book whether it be a paperback, hardback or on my Kindle. I mainly read Young Adult books but also dabble frequently with thriller/mystery books and middle grade stories. I also listen to audiobooks, especially when spending my time cross stitching which is another passion of mine. Anxiety is a life feature but one I manage and so you may occasionally see posts related to wellbeing and mindfulness too. This blog is my outlet for bookish thoughts, sharing crafty projects and generally expressing my thoughts and mind.

I am active on various social media platforms and would love you to join me there to discuss books/crafts/life. Check out the links below!


Follow me on Twitter, Instagram orΒ Goodreads.

Comments are always warmly welcome.

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  8. Hi Kelly!! So glad I found your blog, I love it. XD How’s We Were Liars going for you? It’s my favorite book so it makes me excited when I see that people are reading it hahaha. No pressure, sorry, it’s fine if you hate it a lot of people I know do. πŸ˜‚

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