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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely people at The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks challenge is an ‘Audio freebie’ so anything to do with audio. I’ve decided to look at Audiobooks and I’ve split my list into two sections. Some audiobooks I have listened to and highly recommend and some books I would like to listen to at some point! I’m fairly new to the audiobook scene but found that I actually enjoyed listening to them.

Audiobooks I recommend…

Yes Please  Bossypants  Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail  Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

I loved listening to each of the above books. I’ve discovered that I really, really love listening to memoirs rather than reading them physically. I often find the to be a little tedious when reading physically, especially if I’m not a die hard fan and can live without the pictures. I particularly enjoyed Yes Please and Bossypants as they were read by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey themselves which added a very personal touch and a great humour. I love listening to the Harry Potter audiobooks, I don’t think anyone could have done these in the way that Stephen Fry has!

Audiobooks on my Wishlist…

Great Expectations Audiobook  Gulliver's Travels Audiobook

Great Expectations – A classic that I have somehow never read which is narrated by none other than my favourite man, Hugh Laurie! Sounds like a perfect couple of hours to me!

Gulliver’s Travels – See above!! Mr Laurie certainly gets around these audiobook recordings!

Heartburn Audiobook  Year of Yes Audiobook

Heartburn – It’s narrated by Meryl Streep, my biggest life inspiration, need I say anymore?

Year of Yes – I am an enormous (and emotionally scarred) fan of Shonda Rhimes’ various television series and I would love to hear more about her. I also get the feeling this would be an incredibly positive and encouraging read.

The Turn of the Screw Audiobook  Spectacles Audiobook

Turn of the Screw – I think it’s clear by this point that I want to listen to books read by my favourite actors and actresses. Emma Thompson happens to be one of my all time favourite people, so this was an easy addition to the list!

Spectacles – I have watched Sue Perkins on television in various presenting and comedy roles for as long as I can remember. I can’t wait to learn more about her life and also to hear it from herself in audio format!

As I’m sure you can see, there are plenty of books which feature here because I love the actor/actress who reads them. To me this is a perfectly acceptable reason to add the book to my audio list!

What are your favourite audiobooks? What would be your top recommendations?

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30 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday | 10 Audiobooks

  1. The best audio book that I have ever listened to is the Magic strings of Frankie Presto – the narration is amazing!! I just finished listening to Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt narrate their memoir – it was a raw story of challenges, loss and struggle dealt with by resilience and strength! I enjoy listening to audiobooks narrated by the authors themselves!

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  2. My favourite audiobook is Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, but I’ve only really listened to that and Mindy Kaling’s. I love that comedians narrate their own books! Is Wild read by Cheryl Strayed? Because her voice is so soothing. ❤

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  3. Yes! I love this list. I am actually listening to to Wild right now. It’s a fantastic audiobook. I also really enjoyed listening to Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (narrated by Lin Manuel Miranda) and All The Light We Cannot See (narrated by Zach Appelman). Beautiful to listen to, both of them. 🙂

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      • I’m really sad that it’s ending, actually. I keep debating if I want to binge listen to the rest of Wild, or savor it on car trips between locations.
        I also just reserved Gulliver’s Travels, per your recommendation. What else as Hugh Laurie narrated?


  4. I only very recently got into audio books after listening to Stephen Fry narrating Harry Potter. He is absolutely brilliant. I’ve also found The Dresden Files to be a good listen as James Marsden (Spike from Buffy narrates)

    The narrator does make all the difference as I remember tee hee ing my way through the Girl on the Train which I’m fairly certain is not supposed to be funny.

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  5. I’m so terrible at committing to audiobooks. Maybe I’m just not a good listener? Hmm… The only one I’ve ever made it through was Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. It’s super weird and super short, which was absolutely perfect for me. Haha. You have some great ideas for books to try though. I ❤ Hugh Laurie and Great Expectations sounds like a dreamy way to go. Great post!!

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