The Book Blogger Awards! – My Nominations


I was completely oblivious to these awards until this last week where I’ve been nominated three times by the lovely Rosie, Jess and Sarah – thank you so much girls! It only seems right that I take the time to cast my own nominations, especially as there are so many bookish blogs that I love!

The Book Blogger Awards are the idea of Joce over on Write Through the Night and you can find out more about the awards here. With no further ado, here are my nominations! Please check out all of these lovely blogs!

Genre Most Blogged About:


Young Adult: I love reading (and looking at because it’s beautiful) Nazima @ The Enchanted Bookcase‘s blog. It is rammed full of wonderful reviews and features her gorgeous photos of books (seriously go and check out her Instagram too). I love how detailed her reviews are and she always makes me want to pick up the books she has been reading. I am also nominated the lovely Jess @ Bookends and Endings because I adore her reviews. She always gives a detailed review of her thoughts on the book and I appreciate her honesty when reviewing. My TBR is always growing because of Jess!

A Bit of Everything: I love reading Aoife @ Pretty Purple Polka Dot‘s blog because she posts such a wide variety of reviews. I don’t stray far outside of the YA genre but I enjoy reading Aoife’s reviews and looking for recommendations of other genres I may enjoy. Her reviews are really detailed and she always gives the things she likes and doesn’t like about each book. Go check her blog!

The Best of Book Blogging:

Best Book Reviews: I have two nominations for this category because I simply couldn’t choose!

I absolutely adore reading Steph @ A Little But A Lot‘s book reviews. Not only are they wonderfully colourful but they are just so personal. I love that with every review she writes we get to see a little more of Steph. I also like that she reviews such a wide variety of books from picture books she reads with her pupils up to her own passion for MG and YA books.

I also love to read reviews by Cora @ Tea Party Princess. I love how she starts all of her reviews with a snappy five word description, it really draws me into her reviews. She follows this up with a really detailed review that always leaves me wanting to read the books she has been reading!

The Master of Weekly Features: I love to read all of the tags that Sarah @ Sarah Withers Blogs takes part in. Weekly tag posts are some of my favourite to write and certainly some of my favourite to read especially as I can get to know the blogger so much better. Sarah takes part in several weekly posts such as WWW, Sunday Post and Tuesday’s Teaser. These are all really fun and I love reading what Sarah has to say! Her blog is also gorgeous to look at!

Best Bookish Discussions: Without a doubt Mikaela @ The Well Thumbed Reader writes some of my absolute favourite discussion posts. They are always so detailed and thought provoking, I also find them super relatable. Mikaela actively takes part in discussions via her comments on these posts too. One of my recent favourites was when she wrote about tracking blog stats.

The Other Stuff:

Most Engaged in the Community: This award can only go to my wonderful friend (and I’m lucky to call her that!) Rachel @ 100 or Less. She is the dedicated and hard working host of #SundayYA which is just going from strength to strength. Thanks to Rachel I have met some of my best bookish friends and #SundayYA has become a staple of my Sunday evening plans. Thank you, Rachel! ❤

Best Aesthetic: As soon as I saw this category there was a clear winner in my mind! I am absolutely in love with Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews blog. Not only is it full of fantastic content but I am so in awe of how beautiful her blog is, I could stare at it forever!

Best Friend: My super lovely bookish friend Rosie @ Rosie Freckle Reads. Rosie and I speak to each other literally every day and we’ve been on a couple of bookish outings together and she is just the best. Her blog is amazing too. You’ll find a mixture of everything on there from YA reviews to classics, critiques of plays and Shakespeare to tags and discussion posts. She is an angel!


Best New Book Blogger (July 2016 onwards): My lovely friend Samia @ S. Sharif  Books started up her new book blog fairly recently and I love reading her posts. She has a whole host of content on there already including author interviews, event write ups and book reviews. I also want to nominate the lovely Bex @ My Shelf and Myself who has a fab blog full of excellent reviews and interesting discussion posts.

Best Overall Book Blogger: It absolutely has to be the lovely Chelle @ Tales of Yesterday. Her blogs is one of my favourites and I especially adore her guest posts and all of the interactions she has on her blog with authors. She is also the host of the fantastic British Books Challenge this year. If you’re not already reading Chelle’s blog then what are you doing?


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15 responses to “The Book Blogger Awards! – My Nominations

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  2. Aww, Kelly!!! This is so sweet ♥♥ It means a lot to see that you like my blog designs and overall aesthtics 😀 Sometimes I feel like I’m failing a bit because I can’t Bookstagram to save my life 😂 and I feel like bookish photography is a huge part of blogging, so I’m glad everything else still makes up for that!!

    Going to check out all these other lovely blogs too.

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  3. AW, KELLY, YOU ARE SO SWEET! 😀 I’m so glad you think I’m good enough to be nominated for an award! Discussions are probably my favorite thing to write ever, so it means so much to me that you enjoy reading them! ❤

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