Hi my lovelies! This week I’m back to share my YALC TBR with you all! For anyone who doesn’t know YALC is the Young Adult Literature Convention that runs in London each July for three days. This year will be my first time attending and I’m staying with some of my favourite bookish people, I’m so very excited! Lots and lots of my favourite authors are going, some who I have met before and am excited to see again and others who I will hopefully get to meet for the first time! There will be loads of panels, workshops and signings as well as lots of other bookish bits. Excited is a huge understatement!

Over 100 authors will be at YALC (full list here) and originally I fooled myself into thinking I could read a book by every author before the event. Now that it’s June I’m realising this will be impossible!! Therefore I’m trying to read one book from as many authors as possible but I have picked out some books I 100% must read before YALC as I know I will want to meet them and be able to talk about their books with them. There are plenty of authors on the list whose books I’ve already devoured and fallen in love with, so I am in good stead already!

Here are some of the books I hope to read before YALC! Covers link to Goodreads.

Orangeboy  We Were Liars  Our Dark Duet (Monsters of Verity, #2)

After the Fire  The Pearl Thief  Windfall

The Graces (The Graces, #1)  Release  Frozen Charlotte

Gilded Cage (Dark Gifts, #1)  The Bone Season (The Bone Season, #1)  Ink (Skin Books, #1)

Seven Days of You  Troublemakers  One Of Us Is Lying

Paper Butterflies  Truth or Dare  The Call

Okay so in reality I could put at least another 30 books on this list but this post would get SUPER long! In total there are over 50 books I would love to read before YALC but I don’t think that’s possible! I will be trying to read as many as possible, especially of those that I already own and haven’t read which is the case for the majority of books mentioned above. The TBR is once again never ending!


Are you going to be at YALC? I’d love to meet you!

What books from the above list have you read? Which are your best recommendations?


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25 responses to “YALC TBR!

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  3. There are so many incredible books in this TBR – some that I’ve read, others I really want to get to. I can’t WAIT to read Patrick Ness’s new book, Release – and I’m lowkey jealous that you’ll get too meet him. I’ve met him once before; he’s such a genuinely kind person! Also loooove the Bone Season series!

    I hope you have fun at YALC. Book conferences are so much fun, always. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

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    • This will be my first one so I’m afraid I can’t be sure what it will be like. I imagine it probably is quite busy but I know they have quiet areas too. I’ve never been to the venue so I don’t know how crammed or spread out things will be either..


    • The YALC floor is pretty well spaced out and I seem to remember there being lots of empty spots dotted around where you can certainly hide if you need a break. You can also come and go as you please, so if you really need to get out of the con, you can come back in if you feel ready. They also have a specific chill-out zone which has beanbags and deckchairs and a wall of books. It is busy, and if you want the big name authors, expect long queues, but generally I think the organisers have done a pretty good job of making it a pleasant experience. (Disclaimer: I do occasionally suffer from mild anxiety, but crowds don’t really freak me out so obviously I’m talking from a different perspective to you.)

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      • Thanks for the info. That doesn’t sound too bad. I just remember going to an event a couple of years ago and the exhibitors section was so busy you couldn’t move. Was not fun for me. It was horsey though. I’m sure bookish people are much nicer 🙂

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        • The LFCC floors can be like that, but if you stick to the YALC floor it’s really not too bad. It’s a rush to get in on the first morning though, so you might want to come a little later to avoid that. And yes bookish people are very polite and nice. *g*

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  5. YAY! I am currently reading Truth or Dare and I loved so much Paper Butterflies that I am taking it with me at YALC! I also got an e-arc of One of us is lying that I don’t even know if I will be able to read it before the event çç.çç

    Also I want to grab copies of Ink, Release, The Call and The grace directly at YALC ❤

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  6. Ohhh you have some good books on that list! The Call is definitely going on my list – I got a proof at last year’s YALC and still haven’t read it, which is ridiculous. I’m also interested in After the Fire and Troublemakers so I hope I get the chance to read them before this year’s event. (I will warn you that Paper Butterflies is brilliant but heartbreaking. :))

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