September Bullet Journal Reflection and October Set Up!


Hi everyone! Another month has gone by and I’m back again with a bullet journal post. Today I’ll be showing you my finished September spreads and how I’ve set up for October.


September was another successful journaling month. My staple spreads continue to provide me with just about everything that I need and I was particularly pleased with how my mood tracker turned out. Let’s take a look at those completed spreads!


First up is my monthly dashboard page. I swapped the ‘blog’ and ‘other’ boxes around as I knew I had some blog commitments to note down this month. As you can see (through the blur!), I already have quite a few things to write in my monthly for October!


Next up are my habit tracker and my gratitude log, or ‘happy memories’ as I ave started to call them. Filling out my habit tracker at the end of the day is so peaceful for me and it’s great to see those things I am doing well on and those I need to focus on. You’ll notice that my ‘Book Buy’ row is completely empty – yay for a successful book buying ban!


Last month to track my moods and emotions I did a mood mandala but I went for something very different for September. Keeping with my ‘back to school’ theme, I went for an easel and 30 little splodges of paint. I really like how this turned out and I always like to reflect on this page at the end of the month for an overall look at how I was really feeling. My ‘Bookish Stats’ page remained very much the same and I beat my goal of 8 books by 1 book! I have got the highlights bit filled out in my journal but obviously took this picture first – woops!

For September I kept the new weekly spread that I started to use over the summer rather than go back to dailies. I wasn’t sure how this would work with being back at work but it was actually perfect. It also made it easy to spread out my week of to-do tasks over the weekdays to make sure I can get everything done. I like the stability of this spread but also how I can jazz them up with different colours and doodles.


My staple pages have stayed the same this time, except a little change with my mood tracker to make it more theme appropriate! I also tried something more ambitious for my October page.


I am not a particularly arty person but I really wanted to give this a go for my October page and I’m pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. It’s hard to get a real picture that shows the colouring properly but I’m pretty pleased with how my first ambitious arty drawing turned out.


My monthly dashboard has kept the same but I put a little spooky touch to it with the colours and cobwebs in the corners.


My October habit tracker and happy memories pages look exactly the same. However I have decided to change up how I shade in my tracker and this month I’m using a pattern rather than block rainbow colours so hopefully it will look cool by the end of the month. I’ve already decided I want to try something new for my gratitude next month so I’ll have to get thinking!

For this month’s mood tracker I took inspiration from the Autumn weather which, here in Wales, is usually rain! Each rain drop and section of the umbrella will eventually be coloured and it will be great to see how it turns out. My Bookish stats are very much the same. I’m also going to be adding a page for Book Post to keep track of the books I receive! I’m also continuing with the same weekly spread.


Do you keep a bullet journal? Or are you thinking of starting one? 

What spreads do you love using the most? I’d love to see them, leave a link in the comments and I’ll check it out!


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21 responses to “September Bullet Journal Reflection and October Set Up!

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  5. Hi Kelly!!! I don’t bullet journal, but your post makes me seriously want to start!!! Those are amazing spreads! I definitely think you are an artsy person 🙂

    If I do start bullet journaling in the future, would you mind if I use some of your ideas about how to organize each page? I love the idea of the mood tracker and how you use different colours to track your goals! 🙂

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