November is for … NetGalley!

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Hello lovely people! I’m back today to talk to you about why I’m making November a dedicated NetGalley month.

Most book bloggers will know what NetGalley is but for anyone who doesn’t it’s an online service where you can sign up for free and request titles to review, usually in advance of their release. The premise is absolutely fantastic and it’s a huge help to bloggers, especially when starting out as it’s a great way to get yourself seen by publishers.

HOWEVER … (I know what you’re thinking, but this sounds so glorious how can there be a ‘however’?!) … as a lot of us do, when I first created my NetGalley account I went on a hell of a requesting spree. I never thought I would get accepted as my blog was super new and my stats weren’t great but the NetGalley gods granted me requests left, right and centre. It didn’t take long before I had a backlog but requesting books can be so addictive! Sometimes I wish I would start getting declined because then I would might stop!! I’ll put it right out there: I am a NetGalley addict!

I know I’m certainly not the only person in this position, I mean, who can refuse the chance to read upcoming releases from their favourite authors for free and in exchange of a review? But I’ve reached a point now where looking at my NetGalley stats actually makes me feel anxious and that’s not good. I have loads of really great titles on there and now that I don’t have any upcoming until 2018 it’s definitely about time that I spent some time reducing that backlog.

The website suggests an 80% feedback ratio in order for it to look good for publishers – mine is currently at 37% – EEK!! (I know, it gives me chills!) I would love for it to reach 50% by the end of 2017 and I’m also not allowing myself to request any new titles until I’ve reached 50% now (fingers crossed nothing irresistible comes up!)

Which brings us to this month. When trying to decide upon my November TBR I realised this would be the perfect month to get through some NetGalley titles. There aren’t any huge releases I’m desperate to read this month so why not spend the time focussed on NetGalley in preparation for the new year.

I’m not sure I’m brave enough to share with you how many titles I have on my NetGalley (although, don’t be alarmed, it isn’t in excess of 100 which I know some people have *takes a deep breath*) but I will share some of the titles I have that I may read this month. I’ve not decided on a strict TBR, simply that (with the exception of my current read) all the books will be from my NetGalley shelf.

Here are some options for the month ahead …

Even when I look at these books myself I don’t know how I haven’t already jumped right in! What I do know is that this is just a portion of the amazing books I’ve got on my NetGalley shelf just waiting for me to dive into and I am determined to get to as many as possible this month!

Wish me luck, everyone!

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Do you use NetGalley? Are you in a similar predicament to me?

Have you read any of these books? Which do you recommend I start with?


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44 responses to “November is for … NetGalley!

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  3. It is so easy to request a lot of books from Netgalley and get behind – we’ve all been there! – so good luck with this challenge of yours. The way I keep on top of Netgalley is by allowing myself only a set number of books for publication each month (typically 5); so far I’ve found this to work quite well. From the books shared, you’ve some great titles ahead of you. Once again, good luck!

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  4. Oh Kelly…shamefully, my Netgalley # is at 32 & Edelweiss is at 8 & yeah I fully admit to having a problem lol. Every time i reach the 70% mark I get slammed with approvals taking me all the way back down. I am currently sitting comfortably at 65% & refuse to allow myself to request anything else BUT wishes don’t count & that I’ve been doing a lot of lately (c’mon Furyborn *fingers crossed* lol). TBH, these past few mths have seen me only read from these sites in an attempt to whittle down the queue. I really don’t want to start 2018 like this so you’ll be seeing me doing the same for the rest of the year 😉

    P.S. Upside is a VERY quick read, so GOOD!

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    • Ah, you are the second person who told me Upside is a really quick read so will definitely have to get to that one!
      I’m glad it’s not just me, lots of people seem to be in this predicament! I’m much better at not binge requesting now but need to do something about this backlog before 2018! Good luck with yours 🙂


  5. START WITH FLIGHT OF A STARLING!! I read the finished copy and OMGGGG I LOVED IT SO MUCH ❤ Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index really fell flat for me but it was okay *shrugs* GOOD LUCK WITH THESE. I've been on a netgalley ban myself and I am forcing myself to NOT REQUEST ANYTHING UNTIL 2018 and it's hard. MY ratio is only 56% though and I AM CRYING.

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    • My ratio is 37%!! (eek!!) I wish it was 56 haha! We will get there eventually, it’s just to addictive! I love Lisa Heathfield’s writing so I’m looking forward to Flight of a Starling, I have a finished copy too so I could read that!


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  7. Oh, the dreadful “new NetGalley user” request spree! Every time a blogging friend tells me they’ve joined NetGalley, my first piece of advice is DON’T REQUEST EVERYTHING! Lmao! I STILL have backlogged NetGalley titles from when I first joined back in March. Good luck hitting your ratio goals! I think I’m at 68% because I just got a couple of approvals, but I’d really like to hit 80% by the end of the year.

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      • Thank you so much! I finally lightened up on myself earlier this week and allowed myself to skim a few I hadn’t held much interest for in a while (they were all titles I got approved for over the summer). I found four that were just AWFUL writing, but I didn’t want to be unfair to the author, you know! So, I removed them from my GR shelves (instead of rating and/or reviewing them there), and just submitted DNF reviews to Netgalley. I felt a bit guilty doing it, but it was HUGELY relieving and it got me up to 75%, so I’m getting sooo close!

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  8. I love this! I went away on holiday last week and filled my suitcase with books. But then I got approved for so many Net Galley books that I didn’t read any of them.
    I’ve figured, from now on, I’m going to just do Net Galley books while I’m home.

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  9. The Upside of Unrequited is an amazing easy read! I would definitely recommend getting around to it sooner rather than later.

    I think I’m at 60% on Netgalley now. I don’t request on there anymore tbh. There are some books I requested that I know I’m never going to read, which is sad. I stick more to Edelweiss when I do request ARCs. I’ve found that I request a lot less on Edelweiss than Netgalley so that has helped my ARC mountain.


  10. This is such a great idea! I’ve been stuck around 70% for months but I decided to use October to tend to my Netgalley ARCs (without meaning to) and it worked wonders! I’m now on 87% and I’m so happy to have reached that precious 80% mark!!! Good luck to you and I really hope you’ll enjoy the ARCs you end up reading 😊

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  11. Lovely post, I can understand why you feel like you’re in need of a special month for Netgalley. I currently have only 2 titles that I haven’t read, but that’s only because I’ve heard people complain about this issue many times before. Also, I really loved Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index off your TBR, hope you enjoy it (and the others)! ❤


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