Wildest Dreams February ‘Truth & Lies’ Unboxing!

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Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing my unboxing of my February Wildest Dreams book box. For those of you who may not have heard of this brilliant new UK based book box, you can find all the details by going to Zoe’s website here. If books, tea and bookish products are your thing, then you really can’t go wrong! All for an amazing price too!

Beware, there are definite SPOILERS ahead so if you subscribe and haven’t opened/received your box yet, please don’t look any further! Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!

‘Truth & Lies’


The theme for February’s box was ‘Truth & Lies’ which made it super obvious to me what the book would be. It’s a book I’ve already read (thank you publisher) and actually didn’t enjoy that much but I had already got a subscription and wanted to support the box so I got it anyway. I loved the black tissue paper this month, mainly because it mates my quilt and looks pretty.

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this cute little paper bag (I am a sucker for cute things). Zoe always includes a little sweet treat in the box and this had some sweets in. I’ve not eaten them yet but I do like the idea that Zoe does this.

Next was my absolute favourite item in this box! A gorgeous scented candle from Taken Moons (these candles are SO gorgeous, go buy them!) which is another new bookish business that has launched recently. This candle is inspired by the Divergent series and its scent is black cherry and I genuinely think it might be the nicest thing I have EVER smelt. I’m hoping these will become a regular in the store so I can buy some!


Next I found a little Harry Potter bookmark. I love a bookmark so this is always a welcome addition to any box.


These boxes always include a tea with them and this time the tea is called Veritaserum (a lovely nod to Harry Potter) by Rosie Lea Tea and it is lemon and ginger flavoured. I’ve not tried this yet and I’m not sure if those flavours will be something I enjoy but I may give it a go.

Last up was of course the book itself. I like how Zoe wraps these in such a minimalist way, plus we all like to unwrap things, don’t we?! The book, as I suspected, was The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr. As well as the book a signed bookplate and note from the author was included which is pretty cool. As I said earlier in this post, I personally didn’t really enjoy this book very much so I may give this away, keep an eye on my Twitter!

Another great box from Zoe. I’m looking forward to seeing what the March box will bring and I’m hoping more candles will be on the horizon as I loved receiving it.


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