Mini-Review Monday!


Hi everyone! It’s Monday and in an attempt to catch up on some reviews of books I read quite soe time ago, I’m going to do a few more Mini-Review Mondays. I quite enjoy writing these posts as I get to gush about the books and you guys seem to enjoy reading these shorter chunks.

Today I’m bringing you three more mini reviews with a quick taste of what I thought and covers will take you to Goodreads if you want to find out more! I HIGHLY recommend all three of these books, I LOVED them!

Spark (Skin #2) by Alice Broadway

Spark (Skin #2)


Ah, Spark was every bit as good as Ink was, quite possibly even better! I loved that this time we got to see the story from the other side. Ink was all about us discovering the world of the Marked, Spark is all about the Blanks and I loved the contrast. I adore the characters that Alice Broadway has created in these books. Leora is an absolute gem. I loved that this book had her laced with such doubt: was everything she had always known about the Blanks a lie? Not only was the story one that had me second guessing myself, but I also found that I just didn’t know WHO I could trust either (although I had some satisfaction in getting that one guess right…!).

I am in love with the way Alice interlaces the mythology of this world throughout the book with chapters of fairy tales included. It really enriches the world and adds a unique element to it. The ending of this book had me left OPEN MOUTHED so I can’t wait to pick up the final book in this trilogy, right now I have NO idea what will happen next!!

It Only Happens in the Movies by Holly Bourne

It Only Happens in the Movies


I absolutely LOVE a Holly Bourne book and I’m not sure how it took me so long to read It Only Happens in the Movies. What I do know is this: I flipping loved this book! This book had my feminist heart beating quiet contentedly. I loved everything about this book from its insights into romantic movies (are they actually romantic??), to love and sexual relationships and complex family dynamics. Throw in a good old dollop of zombie movie making and this book really was a blast!

That being said, this book was also quite an emotional read. I really did feel for Audrey at points during this book and I was absolutely, wholeheartedly rooting for her throughout the whole thing. Audrey is one of those characters I found myself immediately liking: she is pretty sassy and doesn’t take any stick, at least on the outside, inside she is a squishy, emotional little doll. I loved her journey throughout this and although I was concerned at one point on how this was going to go, I was delighted with the ending!

From Twinkle, With Love by Sandhya Menon

From Twinkle, With Love


I just really, super enjoyed this book. It was exactly what I needed at the time that I read it: a cosy, cute, fluffy read. I love that Sandhya Menon just creates these characters who feel SO real. I adored Twinkle and the way that her mind worked. This book has a fantastic depiction of friendship and a really gorgeous romance whilst also looking at social class struggles. That was an aspect I wasn’t expecting but it was possibly my favourite thing about the book. Seeing how Twinkle dealt with being different from her peers often had me feeling sympathetic towards her but was also a reminder that so many young people also feel the same way as her. I just adored this book; it was really like having a warm hug off a best friend.

Thanks to Netgalley, Hodder and Sandhya Menon for my advanced copy in exchange of a fair and honest review. 



Have you read any of the books I’ve rambled about above?

I’d love to hear what you thought! 


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4 responses to “Mini-Review Monday!

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  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah yes It Only Happens in the Movies!!!! I loved that book as much as you did and it deserves the world and so much more!! I can’t wait to pick up From Twinkle, With Love. Great mini reviews! 🤗🤗


  3. I haven’t read any of these, I still need to read Ink but I have It Only Happens at the Movies so hopefully I will pick it up soon!


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