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Hi everyone! It’s Sunday and time for a #SixforSunday post! This is a weekly meme hosted by my lovely friend Steph @ A Little But A Lot. Don’t forget to check out her blog for today’s post too!

Today our prompt is to share six reasons why we love books so much! This is something I could probably write an entire blog series about to be honest so it’s actually been a bit of a challenge to be concise and not ramble too much. So with no further ado, here are 6 of the (many) reasons that I love books!


  1. Escape – reading is my biggest escape from the outside world. Being able to lose myself in a book is my favourite way to relax and I find it to be such a privilege to be able to explore someone else’s imagination.
  2. Finding Me – even at my ripe old age I am still constantly finding parts of myself due to something I have read in a book. No matter the target audience, in the last year or so I’ve learnt quite a lot about myself and the way I am from finding bits of me in characters and stories I’ve read. It can be both emotional and inspiring.
  3. Pretty – books are just gorgeous, aren’t they? Sometimes I sit here and just browse my own shelves and think how lucky I am to be able to own such gorgeous books. I am a sucker for a pretty cover or spine (and probably own a lot of my books for that sole reason…)
  4. Something for every mood – I love that no matter my mood or emotion I can always find something out there to connect with. Whether I need something fun, light-hearted and fluffy or something dark and emotional, there is always something.
  5. Characters – I am a hoarder of both books and favourite characters. If I connect with even a single character in a book then I’ll root for them until the end of time.
  6. Friendship – my love of reading is what lead me to start this blog. Without that I would never have met so many of the amazing people I am now lucky to call friends. I also wouldn’t have had half the opportunities I have had to meet so many of my favourite authors and create such special memories.


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What do you love most about books?

Do we have anything in common? (I’m sure we do!)


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