O.W.Ls Readathon TBR!


Hey everyone! It’s not often I post in the evening but I all of a sudden realised I hadn’t actually shared my TBR for the readathon I’m taking part in during July – woops!

The O.W.Ls readathon is such an amazing idea and is (obviously) based off the Harry Potter books. The idea is the baby of BookTuber Book Roast. The original readathon took place in April but I missed it completely! The next stage of the readathon are the N.E.W.Ts which are happening in August and so lots of people are taking their O.W.Ls in July and I thought I would join in. Check out all the info you need in this video! 

The idea is to read a book for as many of the prompts, which are Hogwarts classes, as possible. Out of the 12 prompts I am aiming to read 5 books which will get me an “Outstanding” in my OWLs. I may read more, I may not, who knows! I’ve picked a book for each prompt but I definitely have certain subjects I’m going to focus on as only the subjects we pass at OWL level can be taken forward to NEWT level in August! Such a fab idea! Here’s my TBR!


My goal is to read 5 of these books but hopefully I’ll read more! We shall see what July brings!



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22 responses to “O.W.Ls Readathon TBR!

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  3. I’m so happy I saw your post! I just watched the videos, and I think I’m going to do the OWLs in July and NEWTs in August (if I’m not too worn out by then!) Thanks for sharing (:

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  4. So excited you are doing the OWLs this month. I know I am doing it a second time and just reading the ones I didn’t need for me future profession of potioneer. So it should be fun, when the NEWTs happen I am only going to be focusing on the topics I passed during my first round though.

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  5. I’m ‘resitting’ this readathon as I was in a slump in April. So excited, such a great premise. Need to make sure I read enough subjects or I won’t have much choice when it comes to my NEWTs. Good luck!!
    Check out my TBR at travelinretrospect.com!

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