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Hi everyone! It’s Sunday and time for a #SixforSunday post! This is a weekly meme hosted by my lovely friend Steph @ A Little But A Lot. Don’t forget to check out her blog for today’s post too!

What a lovely post for a Sunday! I know when I started out blogging, I was pretty clueless as to how everything actually worked. I just knew that I wanted to have a space online where I could write about books and I actually didn’t have any idea that this huge online book blogging community existed. Blogging can become very overwhelming so I’m really pleased to be able to share six pieces of advice for new bloggers.


  1. Do this for YOU – Whilst it is lovely when you have a bit of an audience for your blog, you should be blogging because you want to. It can be a hard slog to build your audience initially, so if you aren’t doing this for YOU then you should maybe think a little bit more about it.
  2. Write what you want – It can be easy when starting off to mirror other people’s blog posts. Whilst searching the blogosphere for ideas isn’t a bad thing, remember to first and foremost write whatever it is that you want to write. Posts that you write because they are something you feel passionate about will always go down well with your readers.
  3. Be active in the community – The biggest piece of advice I can give a new blogger is to get involved in the community. Subscribe to and follow other bloggers, read their posts and leave comments. You will soon find your own site getting more traffic and comments. Put in a bit of work and you’ll soon start to reap the rewards.
  4. Weekly memes and tags – These kind of posts can be a great way to help you build an audience and they also provide immediate inspiration for posts. I love doing weekly memes such as Top 10 Tuesday or Six for Sunday but there are loads out there so find something that tickles your pickle.
  5. Schedule – This is where I remind you that blogging should be for fun and NOT cause you too much pressure. I personally like to blog almost every day but some of my friends and favourite bloggers post once or twice a week. Experiment with what is manageable and enjoyable for you. Don’t feel pressured to post a certain amount of times, find out what is right for you and stick with that.
  6. Questions – Posing questions at the end of a blog post can definitely help with interactions and more comments on your posts. I know that when I’m reading a post, if there is a question at the end I am much more likely to leave a comment as I have been given something to think about.


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What tips would you give to newbie bloggers?

What tips would you give to old hand bloggers?


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11 responses to “Six for Sunday | Advice for new bloggers

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  2. Awesome advice! So I find that I go through different moods with writing. Some weeks, I’m IN THE ZONE and I want to write and publish all the time. Then I go for a weeks (or worse, months) without writing because life took over. I’ve tried scheduling my posts out from my prolific weeks, but by the time it posts, I second-guess myself and delete the post. How do you manage prolific periods vs. dry spells?


  3. I completely agree with your points! I often see bloggers apologising for not being around or posting that often. There is no need to apologise – there is life beyond blogs and I’d rather read more insightful, less frequent posts.


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