The ABC Book Challenge: C


Hi everyone! Today it’s time to look at my shelves and turn our attention to the letter ‘C’!

The idea is to work your way through the alphabet each week and share some of the books beginning which each letter that are memorable to you and also those which are still on your TBR. I’ll be ignoring words such as ‘The’ and ‘A’ at the beginning of titles. I’ve linked to Goodreads pages under the images and to my own reviews in the text if you want to check out more about these books.


Memorable books beginning with ‘C’

The Call | Cell 7 | A Change is Gonna Come | Children of Blood and Bone | Cinder | Clean | City of Ghosts | A Conjuring of Light | Countless | Crooked Kingdom

So it turns out that I’ve read a LOT of books beginning with C but I narrowed it down to 10 memorable titles… Not sure how much narrowing I actually did there but there’s a bit of something for everyone here. For the fantasy fans there are novels such as Cinder and Children of Blood and Bone which are both excellent. Not to forget A Conjuring of Light and Crooked Kingdom but neither of the first book in the series. They are two of my favourite all time books though! If you’re looking for something to make you cry then I highly recommend Countless with a box of tissues. Clean by Juno Dawson will make you laugh, cry, swear and experience a roller coaster of emotion as you see Lexi and friends battle their addictions. For some spooky Halloween reads there’s the middle grade debut by Victoria Schwab City of Ghosts or the terrifying The Call which actually gave me a nightmare! For the dystopian lovers there is Kerry Drewery’s brilliant Cell 7 trilogy which gives a harrowing glimpse into what our future could become – it’s much closer to reality now than ever before! It wouldn’t be right not to give A Change is Gonna Come a shout out here. This is a brilliant anthology written exclusively by BAME authors and features so fantastic short stories.

Books on my TBR beginning with ‘C’

Close Your Eyes | Colour Me In | Contagion | A Curse So Dark and Lonely | Circe | The City of Brass


Let's Talk.png

Have you read any of the ‘C’ books on my TBR? Which do you most recommend?

What is your favourite book beginning with ‘C’?


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6 responses to “The ABC Book Challenge: C

  1. A big YES to A Conjuring Of Light, City Of Ghosts, Cinder and Crooked Kingdom! Some of my absolute favorites… ❤ Circe is on the top of my wishlist; I really need to get a copy soon.


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