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Hi everyone! It’s Sunday and it’s been a while since I took part in this but it’s finally time for a new #SixforSunday post! This is a weekly meme hosted by my lovely friend Steph @ A Little But A Lot. Don’t forget to check out her blog for today’s post too!

Last week was all about our bookish loves and so it makes sense that this week we are sharing six of our bookish hates! I found this much more challenging than thinking of bookish loves. But there are six things I settled on…

  1. ‘Romance fixes mental health’ – I really can’t stand this trope. There is nothing worse than a situation where a character with any kind of mental health issue is magically ‘better’ once they have a boy/girlfriend. By all means have relationships, but it doesn’t magically make everything better!
  2. Totally absent parents – When I say this, I mean those books in YA where for some reason there is literally no mention of the parents. It’s been a long time since I read a book where this happened, but still, it has happened and I always find it odd.
  3. Covers with real human faces – I don’t know why but I just really don’t like when book covers have real humans on them.
  4. Mismatched book sizes and covers – Especially when the size/style of the book is changed mid-series!!! I would like all books to be the same height so that my shelves could be more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Long chapters – I find books with super long chapters really hard to get through. I once read a book with a chapter 60+ pages long and it felt like such a chore!!
  6. Too much plot, not enough character – Whilst a strong plot is important, I would much rather read a book with barely any plot but a fully fleshed character I can love than a book where I can’t connect to the characters at all.


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What bookish hates do you have?


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10 responses to “Six for Sunday | Bookish Hates

  1. I know how you feel, I have my books organized by size, and it annoys me to no end that The Grisha Trilogy & Six of Crows books aren’t the same size, so there not together.


  2. I think I’d go mad if a book had a chapter 60 pages long! I think the longest I’ve ever seen was about 40 in an Eoin Colfer book, and the length of the chapters was actually a big factor in why I stopped reading the Artemis Fowl series as otherwise I really liked it!
    Amy x


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