What’s on my … Backlist NetGalley TBR?

Hi everyone! Time for us to take a look at some more of the books on my shelf.

Today I’m looking at some of the books on my NetGalley Backlist… yes, I know, the whole point of NetGalley is to read books before they are released. But we all have a backlist… don’t we?

Middle Grade

I don’t often request Middle Grade novels for review as I know I don’t read them as frequently as YA books but I do have some on my NetGalley backlist that I’ve heard brilliant things about!

Young Adult

Young adult will always be the ‘genre’ that I most request as I simply love it! There is such a diverse range of YA books available and you can tell from the books on my backlist that I read a range of different genres that fall under the YA bracket!

Have you read any of the books I’ve got on my backlist NetGalley TBR? Let me know which ones I should prioritise!

What books do you have on your TBR?

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3 responses to “What’s on my … Backlist NetGalley TBR?

  1. These look all like fantastic reads, whatever you choose I’m sure you’ll have a great read in store. I’ve not read any but I hear Boy Queen is great.


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