January Review & February Set Up

A month into 2023 and I’m so happy to say that I’ve kept up with my journal pretty much daily. I’m all set up for February too so I thought I’d share with you how some of my January spreads turned out and how I’ve set myself up for the new month ahead (before the pen!). Ps. I’ve blurred out bits of my journal to keep it private but you should get the general gist of how things look!

January Review

I always keep the beginning of every month the same and it was good to see how useful this ended up being with lots of goals and to-do’s ticked off!

Probably two of my favourite and most useful pages this month were my habit tracker and mood tracker. I always used to enjoy filling out my habit tracker with a simple patten that looks really cool when blocked together. It also makes the days I haven’t filled in really stand out. The mood tracker is pretty self explanatory and again useful to see how I felt in January – it was a pretty good month! I didn’t really use my brain dump section at all so I’ve not bothered with that for February. Since taking this picture I’ve stuck in a few photos from the month so that it doesn’t look blank.

I’ve blurred out my entries a there are lots of personal highlights in them but it’s really nice to look back on something positive from each day and I added some cute floral stickers to fill the gaps. My bookish page was really helpful in keeping me on track with reading and I’ve kept it similar for February but with a longer bookshelf!

Finally for my monthly pages I will be logging a daily gratitude to remind myself of all the things I a grateful for. I always love looking back on this at the end of a month as it reminds you just how lucky you are. I’ve then got a page to log my books for the month which I’ve kept simple but will hopefully get everything I need in one place. There will be more bookish spreads when I post my yearly spreads later this month.

Some filled out weekly pages to give you an idea of how these turned out. I always like these pages because they are functional and simple to set up. I like to leave it until the end of the week and then add in some bits of washi tape and stickers where there are gaps to give it all a lift. I’m considering changing these up for next month but not sure yet as I do really like its simplicity. I did also add some pages with January in Pictures but as these are pictures of me and my loved ones I’ve chosen not to include them on the blog.

February Set Up

Lots of my spreads are similar this month as they seemed to be successful last month so I won’t explain them all. I’ve gone with love hearts for obvious reasons but decided to use shades of purples for my colour of the month.

I realise I still haven’t spread any of my yearly spreads which I’ll look to do at some point. Right now I’m looking forward to making lots more memories in February and keeping up with journaling, reading and blogging.

Do you use a bullet journal? What are your favourite monthly spreads? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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