The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza

The Night Stalker (DCI Erika Foster, #2)The Night Stalker (DCI Erika Foster #2)

Author: Robert Bryndza

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Publication Date: June 2nd 2016

Format: eARC (300 pages)

Goodreads:        Book         Author

Synopsis: If the Night Stalker is watching, you’re already dead…

In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer’s night, Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene. The victim, a doctor, is found suffocated in bed. His wrists are bound and his eyes bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head.

A few days later, another victim is found dead, in exactly the same circumstances. As Erika and her team start digging deeper, they discover a calculated serial killer – stalking their victims before choosing the right moment to strike.

The victims are all single men, with very private lives. Why are their pasts shrouded in secrecy? And what links them to the killer?

As a heat wave descends upon London, Erika will do everything to stop the Night Stalker before the body count rises, even if it means risking her job. But the victims might not be the only ones being watched… Erika’s own life could be on the line.

My Rating: ★★★★★

Let me start by summarising this review into one word: WOW!!

I absolutely loved the first book in the DCI Erika Foster series, The Girl in the Ice, and I was bouncing with excitement when I saw the arc for this was available on Netgalley. I read the whole book in less than 24 hours and I’m still reeling from how fantastic this series is. Huge thanks to Netgalley, Bookouture and Robert Bryndza for my copy in exchange for an honest review.

In The Night Stalker, we once again follow DCI Erika Foster as she heads up the investigation in search of a brutal serial killer. From the very first few pages I was totally engrossed in this story and couldn’t wait to see how it was going to unfold. The writing style is so descriptive and interesting that I was easily able to visual the story as I read. A trigger warning should be included here for mention of rape, physical abuse and some very gruesome descriptions. The story takes plenty of twists and turns: why does Erika have to back off from her first suspect? What is the link between the victims? What is the motivation behind the murders? Is the killer coming after her? This is an exciting, fast-paced and thrilling ride right up until the final pages.

I love Erika as a character. I love the fact that she is feisty and hot-headed. She doesn’t like to be told what to do and she follows her heart and instincts, regardless of the consequences. This book also confirmed my love for Moss who is an excellent side character in the series, as well as Isaac and Peterson who are equally as interesting to me. I can’t wait to read more in this series in the future!

What did I love most about the book?

I really, really liked the structure of this book. Most of the chapters are from Erika’s point of view, but we also read many chapters from the point of view of the killer (who shall remain anonymous in this review!). I thought it was interesting that around halfway through the book we know who the murderer is because I did not feel at all disappointed. In fact, it made the second half of the book all the more terrifying for me. I could feel myself urgently willing Erika to find out the killer’s identity right up until the end of the book.

Final Thoughts

This is another excellent read in the DCI Erika Foster series and I am filled with hope for future novels in this series. Fantastic detail, gripping suspense and excellent characterization really make this into a wonderful read. I would actually love to see this as a TV series, that’s how much I love these characters. More chilling than The Girl in the Ice, this may keep me awake at night. The Night Stalker will keep you thrilled from beginning to end. I highly recommend!

Have you read the DCI Erika Foster series? Are you looking forward to The Night Stalker?

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6 responses to “The Night Stalker by Robert Bryndza

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  4. I’ve read The Girl in the Ice and gave it 4.5 stars. It’s so easy to read and had me in it’s grip, but I knew rather early who the killer was and that cost half a point. I have this one too and will read it very soon. I look forward to it, especially after reading your review!

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    • The Night Stalker is just as easy to read but this time we know the killer around half way through and I liked this as it made me even more curious to find out the motives behind it all. Also it was interesting to be in the know as the reader and be willing Erika and co to find the killer! Hope you’ll enjoy it!


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