Owlcrate: July 2016 – Good vs. Evil

July brought the arrival of my second Owlcrate subscription box and again, I was not disappointed. I highly recommend these boxes if you are thinking of getting a subscription!

Good vs. Evil


The theme of this months box was ‘Good vs. Evil’ the added surprise being that half of the subscribers received a ‘Good’ box and the other half received the ‘Evil’ box. Both boxes contained the same book but the other content differed slightly. I was lucky enough to receive the ‘Good’ box and I love every item in it! Check it out below!


  • Dobby Pop Funko – I recently bought myself my first Funko which was the Hermione one so I was delighted to receive this little guy to add to my HP shelf. He’s even holding a little sock which I thought was a great touch!
  • A gorgeous Millennium Falcon designed necklace from the wonderful Vector Engraving. This necklace is so pretty and there is so much detail on the wood.
  • Magnetic ‘Alice’ bookmark designed by Jane’s Tiny Things. I love this alternative bookmark. It has Alice’s face on the front and a quote from the book on the back. It’s bigger than my other magnetic bookmarks which is handy!
  • Illuminae quote sticker designed by Drop and Give Me Nerdy. I adore this sticker, it is so pretty and the quote is so wonderful. I’ve not read Illuminae yet but this has spurred me on to pick up my copy. A gorgeous sticker, I just don’t know where to stick it so it’s currently living on my bookshelf.
  • Young Adult Covers colouring book. I thought this was a great addition to the box! I love colouring as I find it so relaxing so this was a wonderful surprise. I can’t wait to have my own way with some great YA covers such as Red Queen, This Savage Song and A Study in Charlotte.


The biggest treat of this box was the insanely great book that it contained! I had already read this book and have my own copy but I was thrilled to get a US hard cover version to go with my UK paperback. They look so pretty together! So…. the big reveal… this month’s featured book was This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab!! I gave this book 5 stars when I read it and would urge everybody to read this book as soon as they get the opportunity! The box also contained a letter and signed bookplate from Victoria which I was thrilled at as she has become one of my favourite authors this year!


So that was the fabulous July box! Next month’s box is called ‘Fast Times at YA High’ which seems cool. The card was super cute and came with the clue that the box will feature one item based on the YA adult novel Eleanor and Parks by Rainbow Rowell. I adore that book so I’m looking forward to the next box already!


Did you get an Owlcrate this month? What was your favourite item?

Have you read This Savage Song? What did you think?

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