YALC Book Haul!

Hi everyone! After my wrap up of YALC at the beginning of the week I’m finally back to share my book haul with you! YALC was an actual heaven for bookish people and not only were there really fab events and chances to meet our favourite authors but we were also spoiled with so many books and samplers! Check out what I brought home with me!


One really lovely bonus of being at YALC is the opportunity to get advanced copies of books to read and review. I’m not someone who spent the weekend chasing down ARCs as I was more often than not in the panel room or chatting to authors and missed most of the announcements but I was still very, very lucky to come home with copies of some books I’m really looking forward to reading! A big thanks to all the publishers who shared these with us.


I was super, super excited to get copies of The Invasion and The Arsonist as they weren’t books I expected to see at YALC. I’m looking forward to reading all of the copies I got – check out more information about them below!


Obviously being surrounded by books and my favourite bookish people all weekend meant that I bought myself some books whilst I was there too! On the whole I thought I was very controlled in how many I bought but I’m really pleased with the books I did purchase!


Something really exciting at YALC was that some early finished copies were on sale for last weekend only and so I managed to buy my copies of The Loneliest Girl in the Universe, Alex & Eliza and S.T.A.G.S early! Sugar Rush was my mystery book buy from My Kinda Book who were selling wrapped books for £5 (they were also willing to swap books if you got one you already owned which I thought was super cute!). I picked up copies of Darkmere and Stolen after having them recommended to me.


Ah, samplers! There were samplers as far as the eye could see at YALC and I managed to pick up some really great ones that I was excited for. I’m sure there were some that I missed but I did manage to get quite a lot. I’ve not read any of them just yet but when I do I’ll share some quick thoughts with you! All will be linked below so you can see the full list!


My most anticipated samplers were Floored and Sorrow (final title to be confirmed!) which I managed to get on the first day and then I picked up all of these other beauties too!

As you can see I certainly did not come home empty handed and it definitely made for an interesting journey home on the tube and train but I made it with all books intact! Now just to find room for them all to live…


Which of the books/samplers I got are you most looking forward to reading?

What are your most anticipated releases for the rest of 2017?


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10 responses to “YALC Book Haul!

  1. You guys deserve a big bookish event! I’m happy you got some great books! I’m sure we have a lot out here in the US that makes it frustrating for the U.K. people. I think you have some awesome books and some of your covers are just so gorgeous compared to ours!!

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    • Samplers are extracts from upcoming books, usually books that are quite far away from being published. Most of the ones I got are for 2018 books. Usually they are a chapter or a couple of chapters from the book, just to give a taste of the novel. Most of the ARCs I got were given to me from the various stands around the con, but there were many others you could get by taking part in competitions etc too.


  3. This is an awesome haul! I think we got quite a few of the same ARCs, although I didn’t get The Hazelwood in the end which was a shame, but I’ll buy it when it comes out. I also got The Loneliest Girl in the Universe and am really excited to get started on that! Which book do you think you’ll begin first, or have you started any already? 🙂

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    • Thanks Kate! I still can’t believe some of the books I was lucky to get. Rather than start any of these wonderful books I’ve been reading Laini Taylor’s trilogy but I’m already halfway through the last book so then I’ll have the tough choice to make!


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