November was … a no go!

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Hi everyone! It has been a while since I wrote a blog post and also a long time since I picked up a book or was really active on my social media. November has been a really weird month and I didn’t expect it to quite go this way, but that’s life, eh? It always takes us by surprise.

So first of all: Where have I been? In truth, I have just been spending a lot of time for myself. October was a really difficult month and unfortunately a lot of those emotions caught up with me in November and made things a little tricky. Work has also been incredibly busy and so it just felt impossible to fit blogging into a schedule where I was already doing 12 hours of work on a Sunday in preparation for the week ahead. The idea of sitting down and writing blog posts just felt impossible. I have lurked a little on Twitter, but even then I’ve not felt like really being that active. Things are slowly starting to feel better though and so I’ll start again. Maybe not every day as I was before, but I’ll start to get my blogging back on track soon. Most importantly, I’ll be back on track soon for myself.


Honestly, November has been the WORST reading month for me of the whole year. I’ve not been able to concentrate on reading and haven’t actually picked up a book since the 6th November!! I’ve been keeping my mind busy by listening to lots of music and zoning out a bit. So much for my ambitious NetGalley month!

I did read 3 books at the very beginning of the month though and generally really enjoyed them.

Blackbird  Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles, #1)  Vicious

Blackbird by N.D. Gomes – ★★★

Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn – ★★★

Vicious by V. E. Schwab – ★★★★

That’s it. I didn’t read anything else, although I started Straight Outta Crongton by Alex Wheatle a few weeks ago and will try and finish that soon.

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I’m actually surprised that this many posts went live during November as I honestly felt like I didn’t post anything at all. It’s not as many as my usual number of blog posts but here is what I posted last month!

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Top 10 Tuesday Posts

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Other Posts

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Despite a really tricky few weeks personally, this week I received some really wonderful news that has given me a much needed boost. I have been offered (literally handed on a plate) a promotion to do the role I really, really want starting in a couple of months time. It will just be for a year to cover somebody but these opportunities don’t come along very often and it’s been really lovely to see how much my work and dedication to the job is valued by the people above. It was a really lovely end to a pretty crappy month.

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What were your favourite reads in November?

What was the highlight of your month?


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