Let’s Talk: First Quarter Favourites!

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Hi everyone! Today I’m back to share with you some of my absolutely FAVOURITE reads of the first quarter. There are so many brilliant 2018 releases already and it’s only mid April – we have been spoiled! I have read some cracking books already this year and I wanted to draw some attention to those books I think are underrated! These are all titles I’ve read between January and March!

Contemporary YA

These three books are absolutely incredible each in their own, very different way. The Exact Opposite of Okay by debut author Laura Steven is a brilliant addition to the UKYA market and Izzy’s voice is the fresh and snarky voice we have all be screaming out for. This book tackles so much in so few pages: feminism, slut-shaming, victim blaming, revenge porn, ‘the nice guy’ and so much more. Clean by Juno Dawson is a raw and honest look at just how brutal addiction can be. This book needs a ton of trigger warnings and careful consideration before jumping in but if it’s something you can read then I really recommend you do. It is gritty, it feels real and it absolutely does not shy away from how life destroying addiction can be. Paired with a whole host of diverse and layered characters, this is another great novel from Juno. My final favourite contemporary for the first quarter was the wonder Second Best Friend by Non Pratt. This book is wonderful and takes a real look at friendship and the comparisons we make between ourselves and those closest to us. It is an unflinching look at the dynamics of teenage friendship and I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t relate to an aspect of this. I also loved the political aspect in the running for school election – a great way to get young readers interested in politics!

Dystopian YA


Final 7 by Kerry Drewery is the last book in her YA dystopian trilogy. I adore these books and Final 7 was such a thrilling and exhilarating read. I couldn’t stop flipping the pages as I desperately raced to get to the end and see if Martha and the gang would be successful. I love the exploration of social class, discrimination and the abuse of power and the media. In an ever changing world, these books couldn’t be more relevant – and considering they are dystopian, that’s scary.

Children’s Books


 Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts by Katie & Kevin Tsang is such a brilliant addition to middle grade literature in the UK. Not only is this book outrageously funny, but it has wonderful characters, lovely friendship and is filled to the brim with gorgeous illustrations from the super talented Nathan Reed. This witty children’s book will entertain people of all ages and Sam will surely give our younger readers a new hero to aspire to.

YA Fantasy

I have two BRILLIANT YA fantasy books to ramble at you about. I absolutely ADORED Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton. I thought it was the PERFECT end to this trilogy. It is heaped in gorgeous mythology, rammed full of action and brought to life on the pages by the most wonderful host of characters you could dream of. I may have shed more than a few tears along the way but gosh did I feel exhilarated. I loved the magic, the politics, the battles – everything I wished for and more. PERFECTION. State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury is the first in a new duology from the wonderful UKYA author. State of Sorrow is set in a rich, layered world where grief and sorrow are at the forefront. The story is steeped in politics and I absolutely LOVED trying to guess what would happen next. MElinda Salisbury writes incredibly layered and complex characters and I adored Sorrow, Irris and Luvian beyond ANYTHING. Not to forget the deliciously evil Vespus. The story twisted and turned along the way but reading those last few paragraphs sent a shiver down my spine. I CANNOT wait for the next book and to see what happens next for Sorrow!


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What books did you read and LOVE during the first 3 months of 2018? 

Do we have any mutual favourites? Come talk to me about them!


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14 responses to “Let’s Talk: First Quarter Favourites!

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  3. I’ve read TEOOO from your list, and I loved it! Also really liked Second Best Friend. I think I’m going to be trying Clean and State of Sorrow after initial uncertainty after seeing really positive reviews of both, and I’m of course looking forward to getting to Sam Wu 😊
    Amy xx

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  4. All the books you mentioned on here I have only read Clean but the rest are waiting for me to pick up and read soon! Great start to your 2018!

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