Mini-Review Monday!


It’s Monday and time for a couple more of my mini reviews. I’m throwing these books in this post because they are books I read a little while ago and so now a full review seems a little pointless, although I’m hoping my mini reviews will leave you wanting more!

Floored by Queens of YA



Okay so this is a book I read quite a while ago now and I absolutely flipping LOVED it. Written by 7 of UKYA’s greats, Floored is such a cleverly written novel. I loved how each of the characters lives blended together, the diversity is incredible and each voice was unique. I can’t imagine how complex it must have been to collaborate as a group of seven authors but this book is a UKYA masterpiece. My favourite character was definitely Kaitlyn and my favourite character to dislike was Hugo. It’s hard to say much about this book without spoiling anything but I very quickly became attached to the characters and I loved how the plot developed over a series of years. I’d love to read more about these characters and their lives, but I think that’s a dream I’ll have for a long time!

War Storm by Victoria Aveyard

War Storm (Red Queen, #4)


War Storm is enormous, there’s no getting away from it. Whilst I liked the book and I enjoyed reading how this series came to an end, it definitely didn’t need to be as long as it was. It probably could have been a couple of hundred pages shorter and had just the same impact. A few twists and turns but would have liked to know a bit more about the final battles – that bit ended quite abruptly! Overall it was a good conclusion to the series, but I’m quite glad this series is now concluded.

The Hurting by Lucy Van Smit

The Hurting


This book is such a difficult one to rate or even explain, I couldn’t really tell you what it was about in a way that would sell it to you but I was absolutely captured by it. I found most of the characters very unlikable but was also completely gripped by this Nordic noir thriller. The setting of The Hurting is absolutely gorgeous and it definitely made me want to visit Scandinavia. The unease inside me just build and built until the feeling of dread was completely crashing over me. There is something subtly horrifying about this book and Lukas terrifies me.



Have you read any of the books I’ve rambled about above?

I’d love to hear what you thought! 


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    • Ooh, I’ve not heard whether or not it will. Could you order on the book depository? You could maybe get a UK copy from there.

      To be honest, my stubbornness got me through to the end of the series because I just felt like I had to finish it. I’m quite relieved there aren’t any more though!

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