Mini-Review Monday: Charms Extra Credit wrap up!

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Hi everyone! It’s Monday and today I have some more mini reviews for you of the books that I read this weekend. Last week I took part in the Charms Extra Credit readathon being hosted by Book Roast. I love her readathons and this one was no different.

In my initial TBR post I set myself the goal of reading 2 out of the 5 books from my TBR so I’m really pleased that I managed to read 3 books! I wouldn’t normally read that much during a work week but the readathon definitely motivated me. To wrap up the readathon I’ve written some mini reviews of what I read below. Enjoy!

Another Place by Matthew Crow

Another Place

Prompt: A book with a flame on the cover.


Complex, gritty and a great portrayal of mental health. It just felt a bit overly complex with too many meaningless characters who didn’t contribute to the whole plot. Claudette is a great protagonist. I expected this one to hit me right in the feels but I just didn’t connect with the characters on the emotional level tat I wanted to. They felt quite distant from me. That being said, I enjoyed Matthew’s writing and enjoyed the mysterious character of Sarah.

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

The Poet X

Prompt: A book that’s top of your TBR.


Wow. Powerful and beautifully told through gorgeous verse. A story of love, family, friendship and the pressures of those very things including religion, sexuality and culture. I don’t often read books written in verse but the writing style definitely packed a punch with this story. It made Xiomara’s story feel so much more personal and emotional. I’m going to try this on audiobook too because I can imagine it sounds incredible! This book has definitely piqued my interest in reading more verse books.

Damage by Eve Ainsworth


Prompt: A book that tickles you the right way (trope/theme/genre you love).


This was a difficult book for me to read on a personal level. That being said, it is incredibly powerful, offers an insight to self-harm that those unaffected may not understand and a look at the effects of losing a loved one. Gabi’s story of grief and the inner turmoil grief often leaves in its wake is one that really packed a punch. At times it felt like the wind had been taken out of my lungs. My heart ached for her but I was easily able to put myself in her shoes and I think that’s why this book is such a powerful read. Trigger Warning: self-harm.



Have you read any of the books I’ve rambled about above? Did you take part in the readathon?

I’d love to hear what you thought! 


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4 responses to “Mini-Review Monday: Charms Extra Credit wrap up!

  1. I had a great time with this readathon! Congrats on getting 3 extra days for Charms next year… I really like the books you’ve picked for the different prompts. Especially Damage sounds fascinating.


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