November is for NetGalley!

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It is nearly November and with that comes my month of trying to reduce my NetGalley shelves and improve my ratio. Last week I shared with you the state of my NetGalley shelves. I have SO many incredible titles waiting for me to pick them up (and hopefully fall in love!). So I’ve decided for the second year in a row to dedicate my November to NetGalley books.

I’m sure I will also sneak in one or two books that are not NetGalley books because we know by now that I have NO self-control. But I would like the majority of my reading to be focused on reducing my NetGalley shelves in time for the new year. This year I’ve decided to set myself some goals within my NetGalley reading month to try and spur me on with deciding which titles to read. I normally read ebooks pretty quickly so I’m being ambitious…

  1. Read 6 NetGalley titles in total. (minimum) 
  2. Read 2 2017 titles.
  3. Read 2 backdated 2018 titles. 
  4. Read 1 2018 upcoming title. 

I’m not setting myself a specific TBR as I want the freedom to mood read a bit. That being said, here are some books that I may pick up this month. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these – persuade me to pick up your favourite in the comments!

Feel free to join me this November in trying to reduce your NetGalley shelf – or any other kind of shelf or pile you may have. I’ll be checking back at the end of the month to update you on my progress!



Have you read any of these books? Which ones do you most highly recommend?

What is your NetGalley shelf looking like?


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16 responses to “November is for NetGalley!

  1. Wow you have left so much feedback! I’m jealous. I’m currently reading whiteout and it’s great, but you seriously need to read Elinor Oliphant, it’s so charming and funny.


  2. I should probably use November for my NG reads as well, but I always end up reading different titles as well instead. 😉 Great TBR! I loved Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and I enjoyed The Breakdown as well.


  3. Oooooh, good luck!! I have faith in you and I love this idea in general. I might have to steal it for January or February because I was thinking just a few days ago that I have a handful of overdue Netgalley titles I’d like to read and review by the end of spring 2019 at the latest!


  4. You should definitely read Moonrise. It’s really sad and emotional, but also a short, quick read. Just to warn you though, the Netgalley edition has the text repeated twice, so when you think you’re only halfway you’re at the end. Also, the Netgalley formatting is atrocious so it’s not set out in verse. I can lend you my hardcopy if I can find it before tomorrow.


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