Let’s Talk: What’s On My NetGalley Shelf?


Hi everyone! It’s the weekend and I’m here to talk (shamefully) about the state of my NetGalley shelf. For a lot of my fellow bookbloggers it would seem that we can often find ourselves in the predicament of having requested a lot of books on NetGalley and then ending up with quite the backlist of titles to get through. For me, this happens because I don’t think I’ll get accepted for a lot of them and then when I do I become overwhelmed and end up missing deadlines etc.

A few months ago I did have a bit of a cull on NetGalley and informed some of the publishers that I wouldn’t be able to read and review the books I had been approved for for various reasons. This definitely made me feel a lot better. I’ve definitely been much better at requesting less titles this year than previous years, but I still have quite a backlist – woops! With all of this in mind, I plan to try and read a chunk of my NetGalley titles before the year is out to try and get myself in a better place for 2019.

So today I’m going to share with you my current NetGalley stats, how many books I have on my shelf and I’ll also be sharing with you some of the titles I have on there in the hope that you can recommend some of the best ones to me in the comments. Half my problem is deciding on a book so any recs you have would be so appreciated! I won’t share every single title as it’s quite a few (woops) but I’ll share a lot of them!


Feedback Ratio: 61%

Titles Approved: 212

Feedback sent: 130

Titles on Shelf: 76

There’s a slight anomaly with the figures here because some older titles I had I forget to download the file before it was archived or books I’ve chosen not to give feedback on so the numbers are slightly skewed. But either way it’s not the prettiest of pictures, although I’m sure some people have it much worse than me! There are a couple on my shelf that I have read but not posted reviews for yet, so that makes it slightly better….right?


The Breakdown | Seven Days of You | The Names They Gave Us | Perfect | No Filter | Flight of a Starling | I Have No Secrets | Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index | Contagion | Nyxia | Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine | I Am Traitor | Moonrise

I have so many of these in physical copies too but for varying reasons I am yet to read them. Some of those are for personal reasons where the book isn’t a good thing for me to read right now because of personal circumstances. For others there is no excuse! I also have a few more 2017 releases, although this is the majority of them. 2018 is a whole different beast though …


I’ve decided to split 2018 into two halves to share some of the titles from each half of the year that I have on my shelf. As above, there are more than this… BIG WOOPS.

January – June titles

Purple Hearts | Renegades | Out of the Blue | Misogynation | The Astonishing Colour of After | The List of Real Things | The Smoke Thieves | Legendary | Ash Princess | The Queens of Innis Lear | How Do You Like Me Now? | Big Bones

July – December titles

The Lost Magician | Snowglobe | That’s Not What Happened | It Ends With You | Colour Me In | Peril in Paris | Easy Prey | A Very Large Expanse of Sea | Tempests and Slaughter | Girls of Paper and Fire | In Bloom | Odd One Out


I’m lucky enough to have some 2019 releases on NetGalley too. Here are some of those titles which I’ll be reading in advance of the release date (it’s in writing so now I have to!)

A Curse So Dark and Lonely | The Twisted Tree | Whiteout | Devoted


And there we have it! I have shamefully revealed to you the state of my NetGalley shelf. Although I am also excited as I have some excellent books to read. Come back to the blog next week when I’ll be sharing more with you about how I plan to reduce this number during November!


Have you read any of the books on my NetGalley shelf? Which ones do you most highly recommend?

What is your NetGalley shelf looking like?


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14 responses to “Let’s Talk: What’s On My NetGalley Shelf?

  1. eeks, i thought mine was looking bad but now i kinda have hope :’) good luck Kelly!

    youve inspired me to take a more thorough look at mine too though as no doubt its a lot worse than what im actually remembering


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  3. This is so smart to do, Kelly! I’ve only just been trying to get through some old Netgalley titles and it’s a constant struggle. At some point I should probably just catch up :’)


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  5. You have some amazing titles on here! I love that you’re focusing on getting that ratio up. I felt so much better once I finally hit that magical 80% mark but it took me forever to get there lol! I know I just got done saying I might have to steal your other post about this, but for real… I might have to steal this and post what I have on Netgalley and Edelweiss because it’s such a fun idea!!


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  7. You’re not doing too bad! We have around the same ratio, although the exact numbers are a bit different.
    I listened to the audiobook of The Smoke Thieves because I just couldn’t get into the book – I know a lot of people struggled with the book but the performances on audio were 5 star for me.
    Contagion is excellent, although I recommend Teri Terry to everyone haha.
    I’m really excited for White Out.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk


  8. Yeah, my NetGalley shelf is in a pretty similar state to yours (and there are a few of the same books on mine). I would highly recommend Holly Bourne’s book, I loved it.

    The Twisted Tree is also great and a really quick and easy one to knock off. Also, the ebook is already out. Think the NetGalley date is the physical book.


  9. Ooohhh there are so many goodies on here though! It makes me slightly less guilty about my own shelves by the way. xD It took me a reading slump and a few months last year, but I’m currently at 237 approved and 227 feedback sent (yes, 96%). The only reason I have ‘just’ 10 pending titles is that a lot of titles are restricted for international readers so there are a lot of books I want to, but can’t request. 😉


  10. My goal every year is to read 1 book via Netgalley a month so I request books by looking at the month they will be published. I find some months easier than others. Although I do have two books from last I requested and haven’t read because I could get into them and also wasn’t in the right mood to read them.


  11. You do have some great reads ahead of you. I particularly loved Moonrise, The Smoke Thieves, Out of the Blue, The Astonishing Colour of After and Colour Me In.

    I’ve managed to get my Netgalley shelf under control eventually. I’ve now got 13 on the shelf, but only 5 that I haven’t read yet. I guess my problem is remembering to review them!


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