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Hi everyone! Today I am delighted to be hosting the final tour spot on the blog tour for Claire Fayers new middle grade novel Storm Hound which is the perfect adventure for young readers! I loved Storm and Jessie’s adventures and I’m sure you will too. Today I’m hosting a fab guest post from Claire. Keep an eye out for me review in the next week or so!


Cats vs Dogs vs Sheep

 Storm ran to the middle of the garden. Begone, foul enemy!

The cat didn’t move. A skinny tabby, fur thinning with age, she stared at him with faded green eyes. This is my territory, dog. Don’t go leaving your stink all over it.

Storm stopped still, not quite sure how to respond. The cats in Odin’s halls would never dare to come near a stormhound, never mind address one in that impertinent fashion. But in the world of humans he and this cat were about the same size – and the cat had the advantage of claws

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or maybe a sheep person – you’ll find plenty of sheep in Storm Hound, too. Take this handy quiz to find out.

  1. You come home after a long day. Do you?
  • a) Lie down for a nap.
  • b) Start eating the carpet.
  • c) Want to go straight back out again.
  1. A friend comes to visit. Do you?
  • a) Greet them warmly.
  • b) Wait for them to say hello to you, then shrug and walk away.
  • c) Ignore them and carry on eating the carpet.
  1. What do you think about clothes for animals?
  • a) Any clothes that come near me get shredded.
  • b) I’ll put up with it if I really must.
  • c) Why do I need clothes? I come pre-clothed in wool.
  1. What do you think about humans?
  • a) I love them all!
  • b) They can be useful sometimes. Their laps are warm.
  • c) I like to watch them hurry by.
  1. Where do you like to spend your weekends?
  • a) Watching the world go by in a field.
  • b) Jumping in puddles.
  • c) Wherever is most inconvenient for the humans.
  1. What is your best feature?
  • a) My cunning brain.
  • b) My warm heart.
  • c) My cuddly good looks.
  1. Are you superstitious?
  • a) Yes. I am descended from gods and one look from me can bring you bad luck.
  • b) No. Not at all.
  • c) I’m a bit woolly on this subject.
  1. Your friend asks you not to sit on her new chair. Do you?
  • a) Jump up there straight away – you have to show her who’s boss.
  • b) Sit on the floor and stare at the chair longingly.
  • c) Wonder why she’s let you into her house at all.
  1. How do you like to walk?
  • a) Alone.
  • b) In a big group.
  • c) Walk? No thanks, I’ll just stand here and watch.
  1. Say ‘hello’ in Welsh
  • a) Wwf!
  • b) Miaw?
  • c) Shwmae baaaaach!


Actually, there is no reason why you have to be one thing or the other. Cats and dogs both make excellent pets and you can like both of them equally if you want to. (I’m not so sure about sheep.)


Storm HoundStorm Hound

Author: Claire Fayers

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Publication Date: February 21st 2019

Format: Paperback (256 pages)

Goodreads:       Author         Book


Storm of Odin is the youngest stormhound of the Wild Hunt that haunts lightning-filled skies. He has longed for the time when he will be able to join his brothers and sisters but on his very first hunt he finds he can’t keep up and falls to earth, landing on the A40 just outside Abergavenny.

Enter twelve-year-old Jessica Price, who finds and adopts a cute puppy from an animal rescue centre. And suddenly, a number of strange people seem very interested in her and her new pet, Storm. People who seem to know a lot about magic . . .

A huge thank you to Karen, Claire and Macmillan Children’s Books for asking me to join the blog tour and for providing me with a free copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review (coming soon!!).

Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour from last week!


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3 responses to “BLOG TOUR: Storm Hound by Claire Fayers

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  2. Such a cute quiz. I enjoyed Storm Hound. It was a great adventure and the Welsh mythology was interesting. Storm’s voice was hilarious too. The little puppy threatening to smite his humans. 😀


  3. I love the quiz! Especially that last question as someone from Wales 😂 I’ve never seen a quiz on a blog tour before and that was super fun to read.


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