New Year, New Blog Post


Maybe it will feel a bit late in the day for a ‘new year, new blog post’ kind of post, but this isn’t just my first blog post of 2020, it is also my first blog post since April. For someone who used to blog 5-6 times a week, to not blog for 9 months is a really big break. But now I think I might finally be ready to return to this little blog of mine with a few changes. But first, you’re probably wondering where have I been? Why did I disappear from here? What goals am I setting for this year? Well, here we go…!


So, where did I go?

The truthful answer is that I’m not really sure how I ended up not blogging for 9 months. 2019 was a strange year for me but one which took me from a not very good place into what is currently the best I have felt in such a long, long time. So whatever the reason, it was such a positive. I spent the last few months of 2018 and beginning of 2019 really struggling with so many things and that took its toll on me. I guess I didn’t really enjoy reading as much, I wasn’t enjoying blogging, my lack of presence on social media meant that I felt a bit left out and it didn’t take long to realise that wasn’t good for me either. I kept in touch with friends I had met through blogging but took time to find myself and live more in the moment. I talked to people, got the help I needed and eventually remembered who the real ‘me’ is.

2019 saw me achieve my dream job in a permanent role, I started regularly going to the gym and feeling better about me, I completed a half marathon, started to treat myself more, didn’t feel guilty for not blogging or reading, visited Amsterdam with some wonderful friends, went to a wedding, I saw the Spice Girls, I made so many special memories with some really incredible people. I’ve started 2020 feeling luckier and happier than ever and whilst I still plan on myself and my happiness being my priority, I will be back blogging occasionally and sharing reviews, bookish posts and a few other things.

2020 Goals

These are a mix of personal goals, blogging and reading goals.

    • Read 52 books: for the first time ever I didn’t achieve this last year and for once I was not in the least bit bothered
    • Reach my goal weight: I am on my way, but this is something I hope to achieve by the end of 2020
    • Travel abroad twice: I am hoping to go on some kind of city break and also a nice hot summer holiday
    • Always be me and be happy: I am sure there will be times of unhappiness but I am now fully equipped to deal with these and have the best people around me
    • Take more photos: I have bought a portable printer to stick photos in my journal this year and I love it already!
    • Journal regularly: Another habit I fell out of last year but I’ve changed it up a bit this year and hope it’ll be a wonderful memory at the end of 2020
    • Blog: Keeping it as simple as that. No set schedule. Sometimes I will and sometimes I won’t, but there will be posts from me this year. 



What are your goals for this year?

Let me know in the comments. 


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