#SixforSunday | Bookish Peeves

It’s Sunday and time for a new #SixforSunday post! This weekly bookish meme is created by my favourite bookish person Steph @ ALittleButALot so make sure to check out her posts!

This week’s prompt is to share 6 of our bookish hates which I have adapted more into bookish peeves. The things that maybe put me off picking up a book!

  1. Loooooong chapters: ugh. I really don’t like it when a book has SUPER long chapters. It definitely means I am less likely to pick up my book and get really stuck into it. I once picked up a book which had chapters that were 70+ pages long. I just couldn’t get into it at all.
  2. Covers with real people on: I don’t really find it appealing when a book cover has a real person on (unless we are talking about an autobiography etc). It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it, but it definitely means I would take more persuading.
  3. Series in different sizes/cover changes: Boy is it frustrating when books change size or cover style midway through a series. Especially for those of us who may have bought a series from the beginning. Want to release it with new covers? Fine by me! But do it at the end please.
  4. Hardback vs Paperback release dates: I am a much bigger fan of paperbacks (unless you are one of my favourite authors) and so I find it really frustrating when often there is a 12month delay between the release of a paperback following the hardback release.
  5. More plot than character: This could be an unpopular opinion but I would always prefer to fall in love with a character than speed through an adventure never getting to know the characters well!
  6. Dialogue without speech marks: I don’t know why but this irks me a bit. I think it makes my brain find it harder to process the book!

What books are some of your bookish peeves?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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5 responses to “#SixforSunday | Bookish Peeves

  1. I am absolutely with you about no quotation marks!! Oh, this drives me absolutely bonkers! I’ve had to DNF books before because of this. The main way for me to get around this is to listen to it on audio, then I can’t tell haha
    But seriously, why do authors do this??


  2. Oh I hate it when they change covers part way through a series! Usborne are the latest to upset me with this, the first two Train To Impossible Places books they released first in hardback, but the third they once released in paperback.


  3. I’m totally character driven. I’ve loved books where plot wise very little has taken place but the character has gone on a real journey emotionally or growth wise.


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