January TBR

It’s a new year and time for me to go back to monthly TBRs! In the past when I used to read a huge amount I would always have a monthly list of books to pick from. I’m not one for being super strict and HAVING to read all of the books from a TBR and I’ll definitely still mood read and pick up other books along the way, but I find it really helpful in the moments of ‘what do I read next?’ (Which in the last year have sometimes left me go months without picking up a single book…. I know!)

In my 2022 goals post I mentioned that I would be aiming to read at least one backlist and two NetGalley books each month. I also have a couple of yearly challenges that have specific prompts so I’ll need to select some books to meet those. Ive also decided to do a ‘Poll Pick’ each month where I ask my Twitter followers to vote on a book so I’ll be including that here too. Despite all of this, I won’t cry if I don’t read all of these and neither will I flail if I read other books. We’ll see how I got on at the end of the month!

January TBR

The Appeal by Janice HallettI’ve actually already finished this and it was fantastic! It will count for me as a backlist read and also fits a prompt for one of my yearly challenges.

She Who Became The Sun by Shelley Parker-ChanI still have this on my NetGalley and I’ve heard great things! I also adore the cover. This will also count for my January prompt on the Buzzword Readathon.

Ninth House by Leigh BardugoThis book has been on my highly anticipated list for years yet for some reason I’ve never picked it up. Leigh Bardugo is a long time favourite of mine so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in! This one was January’s Poll Pick!

Into the Dark by Fiona CumminsI was given the opportunity to review this upcoming April release as I’d reviewed the author’s previous novel. I’m enjoying thrillers at the moment so I’m hoping to get to this one this month! It was also be a second Netgalley book for this month.

You’ll Be the Death of Me by Karen McManusI love a YA thriller and not many do it better than Karen McManus. I didn’t quite get to this at the end of 2021 but it was second pick from my poll and I’m intrigued!

Do you set a monthly TBR? What books are you hoping to read? Let me know if you’ve read any from my TBR!

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