2022: A Fresh Start

Happy New Year!! It’s 2022 and time for a fresh start here in this blogging world. Since the pandemic I’ve struggled to read as much and blogging kind of went by the by too. There’s no particular reason for it, I think it has been the same for lots of people. But there’s something about the new year that has me wanting to be back blogging more frequently and trying to read more.

2021 was a really brilliant year for me personally. Despite the pandemic continuing and it maybe not quite being the year we all expected, it was brilliant. I got to spend quality time with family and friends making special memories, snuggled my dog (who is gorgeous) and proposed to my better half! We’ve travelled to London and Edinburgh, had new babies come into our lives and booked our wedding for 2024. I just have a really good feeling about 2022 and can’t wait to read more, plan our wedding and laugh throughout!

2022 Personal Goals

This year, I’m keeping my goals simple:

  1. Take lots of pictures and enjoy the little moments
  2. Continue on my weight loss journey and get fitter
  3. Be there for my friends and family when they need me
  4. Say ‘Yes’ more often and ‘No’ more often when needed
  5. Plan our wedding!!

2022 Reading Goals

The last couple of years I’ve read less than I used to in one year alone. I’m not going to set my goal to anything huge this year either because I don’t want to put any pressure on but I am going to set a goal. I’d like to join more readathons/reading challenges this year as they keep me motivated and are often a good way to discover new reads. I’ll be using Storygraph to update my progress so please feel free to add me as a friend on there!

  1. Reading Goal: 52 books
  2. Pages Goal: 25,000 pages
  3. Read at least one backlist book per month
  4. Read at least two NetGalley books per month (either backlist or upcoming)
  5. Challenges: Book Cover Challenge | Alphabet Soup | Buzzword Readathon | Popsugar

Most importantly I want to focus on having a happy and healthy 2022! There are lots of exciting things happening in my world: wedding planning, a new nephew on the way, catch ups with best friends. I hope to get back into journalling and continue with cross stitching. I feel good heading into 2022 and want to keep that energy going!

Do you have any personal or reading goals this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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9 responses to “2022: A Fresh Start

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  2. Good luck! I’ve found reading challenge communities to be a great distraction over the last few years but my blogging and bookstagram has been so flaky. I’m hoping to get more into it next year again.

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