Golden Globes 2016: A Reflection

As somebody who loves all things film and TV (as well as books, obviously), Awards Season is always a highlight on my annual calendar. For me, the Golden Globes kick it all off as we build up to the Academy Awards.

Last night the 73rd Golden Globe awards were held and hosted by our very own Ricky Gervais. I must admit, as proud as I am to see a Brit hosting, I really missed seeing Tina Fey and Amy Poehler up there doing their thing. They’ve been such great hosts these past few years and I would have loved to see them do another.

My winning highlights..

The Revenant claimed prizes for Best Picture (Drama) and Iñárritu clinched the Best Director title. But surely the highlight for everyone was seeing the emotional Leonardo Dicaprio take to the stage to accept his award for Best Actor (Drama) for his role in the film. I love Leo and, as we all know, he is so often overlooked during Awards Season. I thought that maybe Eddie Redmayne would win this one, but I’m happy for Leo and can only keep my fingers crossed for him that an Oscar could finally be on the horizon!

Best Actress shocked me as I fully expected Cate Blanchett to take this; HOWEVER, I am absolutely THRILLED for Brie Larson on receiving this award! Her performance in Room is emotionally draining to watch, I can’t imagine how much she must have put into it. Not to mention her dress which was one of my favourites of the night!

The Martian did well too! Scooping the awards for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy) and Best Actor (Musical or Comedy) for Matt Damon. I read the book last year and I surprisingly enjoyed it more than I expected to. The film was really good and it’s nice to see it getting recognition at the Awards.

As you may know, I am a HUGE Downton Abbey fan, therefore I was disappointed for Joanne Froggatt that she did not win the award for Best Supporting Actress (TV) but I’m still super happy that she was nominated in a year where Downton didn’t get as much recognition as in recent years.

Inside Out won the award for Best Animated Feature and I am SO happy! I am a huge Disney fan (I even have a Disney blog!) and this movie is one of the best to come from Disney in recent years. I love the thinking behind it and how this movie can potentially influence child psychology in coming years.

Last night’s ceremony leaves me with high hopes for the rest of the season, especially the BAFTA’s and the Academy Awards. Did you watch? What did you think?

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