Weekly Wrap-Up #29/30

I didn’t post a weekly wrap-up last week as it coincided with my monthly wrap-up, so I thought this week I would combine the two!

Books of the Week

A Gathering of Shadows (Shades of Magic, #2)  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two (Harry Potter, #8)  Carry On

As well as those above, I also recently read Persepolis and Ariel. I really enjoyed both! My favourite out of my most recent reads is definitely A Gathering of Shadows by V. E. Schwab. I absolutely LOVE the characters, the plot and the mesmerising world-building. I already cannot wait for A Conjuring of Light! I enjoyed being transported back to my childhood by Cursed Child. I’ll easily admit it has nothing on the original 7 novels, but it was amazing to get a glimpse into the future of some of my favourite ever fictional characters. I finished reading Carry On a few days ago and it wasn’t hugely to my liking. You can find out why in my Goodreads review! (I know this will be an unpopular opinion, but please remember that I am entitled to my own opinion!). Next up on my read list is my eARC of Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. I cannot wait to pick this up later tonight!

Films of the Week

Ghostbusters Poster

Whilst the newest Ghostbusters may not be a cinematic masterpiece, it sure is a damn great movie. The feel good factor was high and I absolutely loved the cast. They were perfect! This was full of excellent comedy and is a movie I will probably watch over and over in years to come.

Films watched in 2016: 43/100

TV of the Week

So my week consisted of the following TV shows:

Rizzoli & Isles Poster  Pretty Little Liars Poster  Suits Poster

I’m loving this season of Suits so far! I love, love, love the women on this show. Donna is my absolute favourite, closely followed by Jessica who is a complete badass. I love them all! I also finished the third season of Gilmore Girls a couple of days ago and I love this show so much! Lorelai Gilmore is everything I want to be in life!

Blogposts of the Fortnight


I’m still thoroughly enjoying my summer break, aside from the fact I currently have a swollen face which is making life difficult. I’ve seen a doctor who says I am a ‘medical mystery’ – not the answer I was looking for! He’s ruled out infection though so that’s good. Apparently it should just disappear, so fingers crossed that will actually happen! In other news, it’s Rio time! I love the Olympics because there is such a wide variety of events to watch that you don’t get to see most of the time. I love how you can switch from equestrian to rugby, fencing to diving, gymnastics to cycling. It’s great! My favourites to watch are the gymnastics at the moment! There have already been some awful injuries sustained in the past two days and my thoughts go out to those involved! What are your favourite Olympic sports?

Hope you have a great week everyone!

Do you have any opinions on the above books? Or maybe you’ve seen one of the same movies as me or are a fan of the TV shows I watch? Get in touch! 

Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Goodreads. Comments are always warmly welcome.

8 responses to “Weekly Wrap-Up #29/30

  1. I haven’t had time to watch last week’ Suits! I’m dying to see it! I really hope they don’t make the same mistakes they did with the second half of season 5, some stuff were totally wrong and/or stupid. I’m almost done with the third season of Gilmore Girls, I can’t believe I waited this long to watch this show!
    I hope your face finds her way back to its usual size! Take care!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks lovely! I refuse to believe that there’s nothing wrong like the doctor said, it’s not normal to have a swelling this big on your face! I’m off to the dentist to see what they say! Gilmore Girls is so good! It’s my first time watching too and I’m actually so glad I can binge watch it now! 🙂


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