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All bookish people have their own favourite authors and I’m sure that we all have our auto-buy authors too. I thought that in this post I would share with you the authors who are on my auto-buy list. For anyone unsure what I mean by auto-buy, these are the authors whose work I will preorder/buy regardless of anything: I buy the book because I love the author and I know I’ll more than likely love the book!

Without further ado, here are some of my auto-buy authors!

P.s. Author images are all from their Goodreads pages.

J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling

I am 10000000% sure that I do not need to explain why J.K. Rowling is on this list. Harry Potter books literally made my childhood and I will never be able to thank this wonderful lady enough for that. I am also a big fan of the books she has published as Robert Galbraith. Keep it coming, J.K!

Leigh Bardugo

Leigh Bardugo

Okay, so I only discovered Leigh’s books last year (I know!!) and in 2016 I read them all. I love everything about the Grishaverse that Leigh has created. I also went to an event with her a while back and she was so funny and lovely which just sealed her place on this list. Leigh writes young adult fantasy novels and I highly recommend them, especially the Six of Crows duology. I’m currently looking forward to dying for her Wonder Woman story released later this year!

V. E. Schwab

Victoria Schwab

Victoria Schwab (or V. E. Schwab) is also one of my favourite 2016 finds! I have not read all of her books yet but I did devour three of them last year and I am currently really highly anticipating A Conjuring of Light (YES LILA BARD) and Our Dark Duet. I need to do some work on her backlist but I know that whatever she writes in the future I will be buying!

Alice Oseman

Alice Oseman

If you’ve read some of my blog posts before this one then you will know that in 2016 I fell in love with Radio Silence. At the end of last year I also completely loved Solitaire. I think that Alice is a fantastic writer and I love the characters that she creates. I met her at YAShot back in October and she was fab!

Katherine Webber

Katherine Webber

I’ve spent the last two weeks constantly talking about Wing Jones, Katherine’s debut novel (that’s right, that wonderful book is a debut!!!). I loved the book so much that I already know I will buy whatever Katherine decides to write next. I’m going to a panel with her next Saturday and I can’t wait to meet her!

Sara Barnard

Sara  Barnard

I have read both of Sara’s novels and loved both of them. Her most recent novel A Quiet Kind of Thunder has left such an impression on me that will last a very long time. I love the way that Sara writes friendships and teenage characters, they are realistic and her books also have the most beautiful covers!

Well there you are! Those fabulous ladies are just some of my auto-buy authors. I highly recommend checking out their books and seeing for yourselves just how fab they are.

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Do you have any auto-buy authors? Who are they? 


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20 responses to “Auto-Buy Authors!

  1. Definitely agree with JK Rowling and just read Leigh Bardugos Six of Crows duology and loved it! James Dashner (Maze Runner series), Lisa Williamson (Art of Being Normal) and Giovanna Fletcher (Billy and Me) are probably my top 3 auto-buy authors ❤

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  2. My auto-buying authors are Holly Bourne, Patrick Ness, Sara Barnard and Adam Silvera. (For now)
    But the Grisha trilogy is waiting for me but I kind of have a deal to finish at least one serie before starting another one — so I think I’m going to read in the next few month and if it’s following my expectations.. Leigh Bardugo might be another of my auto-buying authors!

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  3. V.E. Schwab is a favorite author that I discovered in 2016! I’ve only read A Darker Shade of Magic, but I am hoping to get to A Gathering of Shadows in February. I actually just found out that she is coming to my area in March to promote the last book and I am so excited 🙂

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  5. Great list! I think JK Rowling would probably be on my auto-buy list too. I also always have to buy Maggie O’Farrell’s books – they get pre-ordered the very second I hear about them! I’m trying to think which other authors would be on my list but my brain’s not in gear yet – there are definitely a few authors though.

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  6. My auto-buy authors are Marie Lu (can’t wait for Warcross), Kevin Hearne (urban fantasy with druids and a talking wolfhound) and Jasper Fforde (still waiting for new stuff from him).

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  7. Great list! Schwab, Bardugo and Rowling are on my auto-buy list as well… I haven’t read the other authors yet, although I have one of Barnard’s novels lined up to be read soon.

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  8. I’m a crime junkie so most of my auto buys are crime related. I also tend to auto buy series rather than authors – I know often this is pretty much the same thing but while I like Val McDermid’s Tony Hill series I’m more likely to wait a while and pick up the latest at some point, whereas I’d go out to pick up the latest Karen Pirie book not look after it’s released.

    Some of my must buy series are
    Ian Rankin’s Rebus books
    James Oswald’s Inspector McLean
    Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London
    Val McDermid’s Karen Pirie series
    Anthony Horowitz’s new Sherlock stories – although I’m not sure if there are plans for any more.
    & of course J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. That said I do also quite enjoy the Cormoran Strike books.

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