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A huge thank you to the super lovely Shiloh @ Bookworm Inkk for tagging me. You should definitely check out her blog if you don’t already follow her!


  • Answer the questions below.
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  • Have fun !

The Questions 

1. Where do you typically write your blog posts? 

Sat at my desk in my room. I have a little nook where I sit with my laptop which has most of my bookshelves above it too. I pretty much always sit at my desk to write so that’s where you’ll usually find me!

2.  How long does it generally take you to write a book review? 

Ooh, this can totally depend on the book I’ve read. I tend to write notes as I go along so that helps. Sometimes I just open up a new document and can type out a really long review in 20/30 minutes. Other times I begin to write it and then I’ll go back to it another day to finish it off.

3. When did you start your book blog?  

Just over a year ago. I had a great couple of months and then fell off the band wagon (so to speak) and didn’t post very regularly. One of my 2017 goals has been to write more regularly on my blog and I’ve stuck to it so far and am really enjoying it more now.

4. What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion ?

Not being able to keep up! I read a lot but not always enough to have multiple reviews going up in one week. It’s great to take part in different tags etc as this is another way to promote and talk about books whilst keeping my blog active.

5. What the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion ?  

Meeting other bookworms! I write my blog purely for myself. I love reading and I love talking about what I’ve been reading, so my blog started simply because I wanted to share this with people. What I didn’t expect is that I would make some of my best friends in the book community and I love it!

6. What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far?

This is a tricky question! I actually recently have really enjoyed sharing my bullet journal posts which you can find here.

7. What is your favourite blog post to write?

Obviously I love writing reviews but aside from those I love to write my Sunday Summary posts. It was a little something I came up with myself after wanting something to fill my Sunday with and I love that it gives me the chance to talk about a variety of books and talk about what’s going on with me too.

8. When do you typically write? 

It can be any time really, usually whenever inspiration hits. My regular posts such as WWW and Sunday Summary’s are usually written the day/evening before.

9. Do you review every book you read?

Yes and no. I will always give a book I have read a rating on Goodreads. Some books I will only write a couple of lines about and that review will then just be on my Goodreads reviews. The majority of books that I read do receive a full review though and those appear here, Goodreads and Amazon.

10. How do you write your reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby? 

Definitely with a cup of tea by my side, or coffee (but usually tea). Sometimes I’ll put something on Netflix but more often than not I’ll put some music on.

11. When do you write your reviews? Right after finishing the book? Or two weeks after finishing the book? 

I write notes as I go along usually, just little bullet points either on my phone or in my notebook so those help. Sometimes I will write the review the same day I finish the book but then go back to it the next day or a few hours later to check I’ve not over done it with my emotions! Other times I may not write the review for a few days. It really depends on how I feel about the book.

12. How often do you post?

My current blog schedule has me posting every day except a Thursday and so far that is working out. I wouldn’t worry if I didn’t manage this but I do like to keep my blog as active as possible and have found so many lovely bookworms because of those interactive weekly tags and other book tags in the community.

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  3. I’m impressed you are able to get your book reviews done so quickly! Book reviews are the hardest posts to write for me. I think it stems from the insecurity that I am going to sound like a complete idiot. I have so many books that I need to review still that I read months ago… It is definitely something I need to work on.

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