February 2017 Bullet Journal Reflection & March 2017 Set Up


Hi everyone! It’s been a little while but I am back with another post about my bullet journal. I thought I would share my completed February spreads with you and then show you how I set myself up for March. I’ve made a few changes to my March spreads and I’m both nervous and excited about how they will turn out!

February Reflection


I was pretty pleased with this cute monthly page divider that I drew. I feel that my writing is getting a bit more creative and I enjoyed drawing this. It might not be perfect, but I think it looks simple yet lovely. I picked a flowery Washi tape from my collection to use for this month too. I like to use a different tape on the first page of each month as a divider (plus it looks pretty!).


My monthly overview page hasn’t changed. I love this simple but functional dashboard style monthly overview. It’s such a simple place to keep so much information. In one glance I can see important dates and events for the month, jot down an overall work and personal ‘to-do’ list, draft my TBR and note down blog post ideas and things to remember next month. I like adding the little bits of colour to make it my own and change this up slightly every month.


I LOVE my habit tracker. Although I don’t track a huge amount on there, I love that filling this in has become a part of my daily routine. It’s nice to see what I am doing a lot of and what I need to work on. I really need to do more exercise and make more use of my Netflix and Instagram accounts! The rainbow theme I have permanently adopted for this page also makes it so nice to look at.


My mood mandala this month ended up looking quite cool. About 10 days in I decided I didn’t like where it was going and so I changed up the style. I love doing these mandalas but do sometimes find it hard to think of what pattern to use each day. I’m going to do something different for March and allow myself more freedom to draw some mandalas of my own! I know I’ll return to this in future, it is such a pretty spread in my journal and always reminds me that I can be a creative person.


My gratitude log is another page that I am changing up for March although I am definitely keeping the concept of it. I love taking the time to reflect on my day and write down something I am grateful for or something positive from the day. On a down day I will often turn to this page and remind myself how lucky I am. Then there were my bookish stats. I love tracking them but something I really want to do is change this up a bit.


My weekly spreads stayed the same this month. Last month it took me three attempts to find one that worked for me and I am still in love with everything about this spread. I change it up each time with a different colour theme but I definitely think that the rainbow spread is my absolute favourite! I love having everything I need for the week ahead in one place.


My daily entries also stayed the same this month with the exception of the two days I spent in London during half term. I decided to try something a little different for those two days as I wanted somewhere to write a mini itinerary for the trip too. I tried out the horizontal time tracker too for these days and thought it looked great. I would probably only use it when I have a really busy schedule as I wouldn’t fill enough space for it otherwise. Definitely something to keep in mind when I plan my trip to NYC!

March Set-Up


Can you believe it is already March? I know I can’t! The 1st of March here in Wales is St. David’s Day so there was no doubt in my mind that I would draw a daffodil for my monthly page. I am very proud of this drawing as I’d never drawn a daffodil that actually resembled anything near a real daffodil before and I like how this turned out. Another flowery Washi for me too!


My monthly over view is the same again, I just love the simplicity. I went for a yellow/orange theme to fit with my daffodil. I have a busy few weeks in March! I have also kept my habit tracker the same so I’ve not included a picture.


This is my new gratitude log for the month! I did this in an old journal months ago and loved how it turned out. I will still do the same as I did previously, but I will colour this in at the end too and have my own rays of sunshine to stay positive.


This month’s mood tracker is going to be a throwback to tetris! I love my mandalas but just fancied trying something new. Each shape matches a different mood that I track and I’ll be seeing how I fit them all together. This should look pretty cool at the end of the month!


My bookish stats are staying. I read a HUGE amount (obviously, you are on my book blog) and I love seeing how much per month and comparing to other months. Rather than listing the titles I read this month, I have drawn myself a shelf and will draw the books on as I finish each one. Almost a mini homage to my main bookshelf for the year earlier in my journal.


My first weekly for March is the same as my usual and brings us to the end of this set-up post. I only have a few staple pages each month, the rest fills up with doodles, quotes and my dailies.

I absolutely adore keeping my journal and more recently have been getting it out in public, I even asked my favourite author to sign something in it which was huge for me. She’s the only person except me who has held my journal, let alone written in it. That will always be a special page!


Do you keep a bullet journal? Or are you thinking of starting one? 

What spreads do you love using the most? I’m always looking for ideas and inspirations! 


Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin’ or Goodreads. Comments are always warmly welcome.


21 responses to “February 2017 Bullet Journal Reflection & March 2017 Set Up

  1. I don’t keep a bullet journal but I love admiring others. I love the idea of a gratitude log and the Tetris mood tracker (can’t wait to see how that one turns out!) I really want to give it a go, mostly for the creativity aspect since I haven’t done anything artistic since GCSEs. Might actually try it out in the summer!

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  2. I started out as a bullet journaler but then I just couldn’t keep up! I commend you for being consistent! Looks great! One thing I do try to incorporate with my current planner is a habit tracker, such a great idea and makes for great reflections at the end of the month.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. I LOVE Bullet journals! I totally meant to start one at the beginning of this year but it completely slipped my mind and now I’m upset that it’s too late to start one. I think they’re so beautiful and a perfect mix of creativity, planner, and diary. I absolutely ADORE your Mood Mandala. It’s so beautiful.

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  6. I’m gonna try bullet journaling starting this summer, but I keep a habit and dinner tracker and have done since January. I decided to wait to start because I have a student planner for the school year 2016/17 that I paid quite a lot of money for last summer and I don’t want to waste half of it. But I read a lot and I’m in several bujo groups on facebook to get inspiration. The calendar book I use has a whole page for each day and I’m learning that I don’t need that much space usually, as I don’t have many appointments and most of the time my to-do lists aren’t that extensive. I was really nervous about how to plan things that are months in advance when I don’t have the whole year in front of me but I think what I’ll do is make a two-page calendar for each month for 6 months or something at the beginning of my bujo so I can write down things as they pop up. Who knows – I might find that I don’t even need it for that far into the future at all… 🙂


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