August Bullet Journal Reflection & September Set-Up!


Hi everyone, today I’m back with another post about my bullet journal! These seem to be going down quite well so I hope you’re enjoying them. I have plans to write some more about my journal but would love any suggestions you have, so feel free to leave them in the comments.

Today I’m back to share with you my finished August spreads and what worked/didn’t work for me in August. Then I’ll be sharing my September set-up with you – just my staple pages for now. I’m excited to show them to you as I’ve done something different with my mood tracker and I’m really pleased with it!


August was a successful journaling month. I’ve shared these spreads with you in my August Set-Up post but thought I’d take the chance to show you the finished spreads and talk a little about them along the way! Click the pictures if you want to see more detail!


My monthly dashboard didn’t get too full this month as I wasn’t in work but it’s quite nice to see it this way. August was definitely a relaxed month and this page definitely reflects that.

These two pages look much better now they are complete! I love how colourful my tracker was and looking back at the end of the month is a really good way to have some personal reflection. I definitely didn’t do much exercise last month but I did sleep well and do a LOT of reading! You’ll notice if you click to enlarge these photos that I have blurred out some details on lots of pages, for obvious reasons not everything in my journal is to be shared publicly but there’s enough left to get the idea. I had plenty to be grateful for in August and many happy memories to look back on.

August saw the return of the mood mandala to track my moods. I really love these because they look SO gorgeous at the end of the month (excuse those slight creases – must take more care when rubbing out!!). These are amazing for personal reflection too, in one quick glimpse I see a lot of pinks and purples meaning that overall in August I felt pretty happy and excited. I’m not sure this would be the same story term time!! As much as I love my mandalas, I’m swapping this for another mood tracker in September as it can be quite time consuming to decide what I’m adding to each layer and it may be harder to keep up with whilst I’m back in work. I’m trying to think of another way to incorporate mandalas into my journal though!

You can also see that I read a LOT of books in August and it was amazing to see that little drawn out shelf completely filled with fab books. It certainly wasn’t easy to pick my top 3! As for the blog ideas, it was great to have this list but I didn’t write many of those posts so it won’t be appearing in September as I can still flip back to this list for inspiration!

I kept my newly formed weekly spread for the whole month and it is still working PERFECTLY for me. I look how neat the layout looks and I’ve experimented with different colours on different weeks. The rainbow is still my favourite though! I also have been using the little space about my TBR pile to experiement with different doodles. In August we have had a flower, a butterfly, a cactus and a heart. I think I’m going to keep this spread for the beginning of September and see how it works when I am back in work. I may need to rearrange it a bit as my workload increases but I’m sticking with it for now!


I’m quickly going to share my September staple spreads with you. I’ve made a couple of changes but nothing too major. I’m pretty pleased with how it looks for now and looking forward to seeing it at the end of the month.


To start me off I created this September monthly page. I like to start each month with its own page and decided to try and be a bit more creative this month. It may not be the most groundbreaking art, but for someone who does not have the most artistic skill set I’m definitely proud of how this looks. Anyone would think it’s back-to-school time this month….


My September dashboard looks very much the same but I’ve swapped the ‘blog’ and ‘other’ boxes around as I need more room for blog notes than I do ‘other’. My chosen Washi tape for this month is pretty and has hints of autumn. This picture was taken when the spread was completely blank, I have since filled in key work and personal dates, TBR ideas and some reminders/blog notes too.


My September tracker looks the same but I have changed a few of the habits I will be tracking this month. I also decided to add a cute little paper aeroplane at the top, sticking with the back-to-school theme! Rather than a ‘Gratitude Log’, I’ve stuck with the same idea but decided to title the page ‘happy memories’. I always find going back to work tough after 6 weeks off and so I wanted something to make me think of one happy memory each day.

Aaaaand here is my September mood tracker! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted but I settled for an easel and paintbrush and I think it looks kinda cool (even if I do say so myself!). Each blog of paint will be coloured in on each day ending day 30 on the paintbrush itself. Hopefully this will look cool by the end of the month! My reading statistics page has stayed the same. It does exactly what I need it to so why change it?

And there we are! I plan on continuing with my same weekly spread to September and seeing how that goes. I also already have ideas for my October spreads with a spooky theme on its way. Here’s to another productive month!


Do you keep a bullet journal? Or are you thinking of starting one? 

What spreads do you love using the most? I’d love to see them, leave a link in the comments and I’ll check it out!


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