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Hi everyone! Today sees the first instalment of my new feature ‘Fandom Frenzy’ where I am challenging bloggers to lose themselves in a fandom of their choice and to consider a number of different factors. Today’s post is from the wonderful Zoe @ No Safer Place and I’m thrilled to have her on my blog today. Check out how she gets on below!


What fictional world would you most like to find yourself in?

The Extinction Trials (The Extinction Trials, #1)

I was going to say Hogwarts, but I’m going to think outside the box here. I would love to wake up in Piloria (the world in The Extinction Trails series). I would love to see if I’m as brave as I think I am…

Which characters in that world would you choose to be your closest allies? Why?

Lincoln, for sure. He’s my favourite character, by a long shot. He’s very determined and when you have something to fight for, like he does, it makes you all the more formidable. I’d definitely want him on my side.

Which characters do you think would be your enemies? (This doesn’t have to be the ‘canon’ villain!)

I’m going to have to answer the dinosaurs. As much as I’d like to believe I could be Chris Pratt in Jurassic World…I don’t think that would happen somehow.

How do you think you would cope walking in the shoes of that fandom’s protagonist?

Pretty awful! She is far more care-free and relaxed than I am. I wish I was more like Stormchaser; she never seems to have a care in the world and honestly? That’s the complete opposite of me.

Which part of the story would you most like to try and change as the new protagonist? (Try and keep it spoiler free!)

This is the first in the series, so I may be predicting the future here – who knows? But the premise of the story is their are two continents. One where humans reside, and one where dinosaurs reside. The humans want to wipe out the dinosaurs and take over their land. If I was in control of the story, I’d probably end up killing all humans and saving dinosaurs from extinction.

BONUS: Which fictional world wouldn’t you like to find yourself waking up in? Why?

The Hunger Games. No, thank you. Although a very similar storyline  to The Extinction Trials, alas, there are no dinosaurs…so it’s a no from me.


I am with Zoe on this one! I LOVED The Extinction Trials but I certainly wouldn’t be the best at surviving in the story myself. I’d love to see Piloria for myself though!

A HUGE thanks to the lovely Zoe for participating in this feature. Be sure to check her out on Twitter (@zcollins1994), her blog, YouTube and Instagram!

If you’re interested in participating in this feature, please contact me via Twitter (@kellysrambles) or email me: I’d love to spread #FandomFrenzy far and wide!


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4 responses to “Fandom Frenzy | Zoe @ No Safer Place

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  2. Such a lovely post! I think Piloria would be an awesome world to be transported into. I agree with Zoe that chances are I want to save the Dinosaurs and not the humans. I think i would choose Piloria over The Hunger Games but only because of the Dinosaurs!

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