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Hi everyone! For today’s #FandomFrenzy I am delighted to have my lovely friend Lizzie on the blog today. Lizzie is the one of the founders of 3 of Cups Press and also a blogger at Little Hux Tales. Lizzie also happens to be an all round excellent human being too.


What fictional world would you most like to find yourself in?

This is the hardest question, and I have literally been staring at my shelves for about ten minutes trying to work out which world I am least likely to die in. I’m going to go for His Dark Materials and hope for the best. I’ve always said that Nerys is my little daemon, though lovely Melinda Salisbury reliably informed me that my daemon is a hazel dormouse.

Which characters in that world would you choose to be your closest allies? Why?

I like to think it would be Lee Scoresby, but I suspect it would more likely be the Gyptians as I’ve got good sailing legs. I’m definitely not as cunning as Lyra so I’d have to stick with the wholly good and extremely blunt characters in order to know what on earth is going on.

Which characters do you think would be your enemies? (This doesn’t have to be the ‘canon’ villain!)

Mrs Coulter and that horrible monkey haunted my dreams a lot as a child, so I think that’s fairly settled.

How do you think you would cope walking in the shoes of that fandom’s protagonist?

It would make quite a few problems, given I’m a 29 year old person rather than a child on the cusp of teenagedom — I’d be absolutely useless to the Gobblers and so would have little chance to infiltrate. I think, to be honest, I’d probably sack it all in and try to join the witches.

Which part of the story would you most like to try and change as the new protagonist? (Try and keep it spoiler free!)

This is really difficult as I love these books so much, but early on in Northern Lights, Lyra and Pan disturb a skull with a coin in it to represent the owner’s daemon. I would not have touched it, especially because this bit makes me feel really sad. It’s such a minor change but all the big changes would be massive spoilers, so this will have to do.

BONUS: Which fictional world wouldn’t you like to find yourself waking up in? Why?

Easy, the Sidhe world of The Call and The Invasion by Peadar O’Guillin because it is the most terrifying thing I’ve read and my cardio skills are woefully lacking.


Mrs Coulter is, without a doubt, incredible terrifying! I’d hate to find myself in her company. I’d love to have a daemon but I’m not sure what animal mine would be. As for living in the world of the Sidhe – that’s a big NO thanks from me! I had a nightmare about being Called when I read The Call and that was quite enough for me!

A HUGE thanks to the lovely Lizzie for participating in this feature. You can find out more about Lizzie on her blog3 of Cups website and follow her on Twitter too!

If you’re interested in participating in this feature, please contact me via Twitter (@kellysrambles) or email me: I’d love to spread #FandomFrenzy far and wide!


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  2. Oh, great choice of worlds to find yourself in – I’d have to agree (probably, although I’m sure as today goes on a hundred others will also spring to mind!). Love this series and Book of Dust – can’t wait for volume 2 of that!

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