August: Book & Blog Wrap Up!


Hi everyone! Another month has gone and with the end of August I sadly wave goodbye to the carefree summer holidays. I’m a bit anxious about going back to work this year which I think is as a result of quite a difficult and traumatic year last year. I’m determined to be positive about it though so I’ve filled my final weekend with lovely plans and I’m looking forward to seeing my colleagues and pupils. Here’s what I read (a lot!) and blogged about in August!


Number of Books read: 16

Number of Pages read: 6,121 pages

Wow! Seeing them all like that makes me feel impressed with myself. That being said I have had an entire month off which involved a little reading and blogging retreat with my bookish bestie, so that’s the reason I read so many. This certainly isn’t a normal month! I only read YA books in August so I’m hoping to mix things up a little in September! I’m still catching up on reviews for these but I’ve posted all my ratings below with links to the review if it’s live or the Goodreads page if not!

I read a whole trilogy and finished my Harry Potter audio reread this month – which was a bit emotional. I’ll be reviewing everything from the above list so keep an eye out if I haven’t already reviewed!


Okay so I literally cannot choose ONE top book this month after reading so many. I’ve come to recognise over recent months that books which make me feel very emotional (usually with actual tears) are the ones that stay in my head and my heart as favourite reads. All four of these wonderful books did just that for very different reasons. I adore them. They have imprinted on my heart and moved something inside me to the point where I felt so deeply I cried and cried. All four of these authors are incredibly talented – definitely autobuy authors for me!

challenge updates.png

If you read my 2018 Goals and Challenges post you will know that I am once again completing a Goodreads goal as well as completing some other challenges. I’m not going to update every single one here so if you want to see my progress in all of them then check out this page!

On the blog.png

Here are my posts from this month in case you missed any (I’ve not included my WWW posts but click on the title to find them all)! I’d love to hear what you think about the content I post and whether there is anything you’d like to see more of.

Book Reviews

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Fandom Frenzy

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Top 10 Tuesday

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Book Tags (feel free to tag yourselves!)

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Six for Sunday

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Other Posts

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Other News.png

The summer holidays are at an end but I’ve had the best 6 weeks off. I’ve seen all my lovely bookish friends at either YA Prom, YALC, on a retreat or at a blogger meet up. It’s been lovely spending time with like minded people and I hope it’s something that is going to keep happening regularly – I know we have plans for it to! I’ve also spent time with my best friend and her little girl who is a true ray of sunshine and had the pleasure of seeing one of my other favourite humans marry the man of her dreams. I’ve been to the Harry Potter studios with my brother (watch out for a blog post) and I’ve dated myself in coffee shops and taken my blogging out into the world rather than locked up in my room. It’s been such a positive, happy few weeks.


I’ll have a bullet journal post next month after having a little break. I’ve also been delving into the world of designing a digital bullet journal so that may feature at some point. Blogging will be as frequent as ever, I have lots of ideas and upgrading to my own url has really motivated me to make new content. You may have noticed a teaching post a few days ago – look out for a couple more of these!

Let's Talk.png

What were your favourite reads in August?

Did we read any of the same books? Link me to your favourite blog post from August!


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16 responses to “August: Book & Blog Wrap Up!

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  2. Wow – 16 books! That’s incredibly impressive. I only managed 4 and that was a good month for me 😂 I need some of your motivation, especially since some of them were pretty huge reads! Sadie is my most anticipated read from what you’ve read – I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy! I’m seeing so many five star reviews for it.
    I hope this year in work is much better for you! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 16 books?? Man, I’m so jealous! Congrats 😀
    I would love to get some time off just for reading and blogging as well, it just feels like time is always slipping away and not letting me do anything 😥
    Anyway, glad to see so many accomplishments and I’m looking forward to those bujo posts! They fascinate me but I’m unable to keep one to save my life hahaha
    Lovely post! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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