YALC Book Haul!


Hi everyone! If you saw my post earlier in the week about YALC then hopefully you were expecting this post soon. I’m here today to deliver the bookish goods and show you my haul from YALC. This definitely isn’t as big as last year but it’s perfectly formed and I love it!



I thought we’d start with the books I took with me that I got signed by the lovely authors at YALC. All of these are books I owned before YALC but really loved and wanted to get signed. I even managed to track down Katie Webber’s husband and asked him to sign my Sam Wu books too. Meeting all of these authors was a lovely experience, even if getting Floored signed by all 7 authors was a challenge!



I knew before going to YALC that I was going to treat myself to some new reads, especially as there were going to be a few early releases available to buy. These are all the books I picked up. I had already read My Box-Shaped Heart by Rachael Lucas but I adored it so wanted to buy a physical copy too. My copies of Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes? and The Island are both signed by the authors too.



There were quite a lot of proofs available to get your hands on at YALC this year but I spent so much time chatting to friends and authors that I pretty much forgot all about them. I did manage to get my hands on these two beauties though and I’m looking forward to reading them!


I picked up quite a lot of samplers this year and the plan is to do some more Sampler Sunday posts with Steph like we did last year. I adored this idea by Penguin which was to produce a book which has sample chapters from their 2018/19 releases in a year book format. This also happened to have gorgeous black sprayed edges. Simon & Schuster had a similar idea but they put all of their samplers onto really cute USB sticks!

As you can see I really did pick up quite a few samplers. Here are the ones I got my hands on.

bookish wins.png


I got very lucky on a raffle at the Harper Collins booth where I managed to win a signed print by the lovely Alice Oseman. I love Alice’s artwork so owning a signed copy of this is just wonderful and I’ll be getting it framed to keep it in top condition!

Floored converse.png

Now for the BIGGIE. I am still SO delighted to have won the Floored competition being run at the MyKindaBook stand. To enter you had to submit your guesses as to which of the seven authors wrote each character and I WON! I managed to get five out of the seven author/character combinations correct an I was told by the lovely Kat that this was the most anyone had ever managed to get right, including some of the people at MacMillan! I am so over the moon to have won because these converse are such an incredible prize. Mine are currently being custom made but look out for plenty of pictures when they finally arrive!

YALC was really a brilliant time and I feel so lucky to even have the opportunity to attend an event like it.


Which of the books/samplers I got are you most looking forward to reading?

What are your most anticipated releases for the rest of 2018?


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21 responses to “YALC Book Haul!

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  2. The Floored Converse are so cool! I really liked Out of the Blue so I hope you enjoy it, and I have My Box Shaped Heart and Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes on my TBR (I’m actually just about to start the latter!). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on YOLO especially; I can’t decide whether or not to read it as comparisions to Geek Girl (by a publisher rather than in a review) make me super wary as I love those books so much.
    Amy x

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  3. Omg you’re so lucky to have had so many books signed, plus, I am super jealous that you got a chapter sampler of King of Scars, I LOVE NIKOLAI I CAN’T WAIT FOR HIS SERIES. Great haul! 🤗🤗

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