The ABC Book Challenge: B


Hi everyone! Last week’s ‘A’ post was really well received – thanks so much for getting involved! Today I’m back for more of the same but with the letter ‘B’!

The idea is to work your way through the alphabet each week and share some of the books beginning which each letter that are memorable to you and also those which are still on your TBR. I’ll be ignoring words such as ‘The’ and ‘A’ at the beginning of titles.


Memorable books beginning with ‘B’

The Bell Jar | The Book Thief | The BFG | Bright Ruin | Bookshop Girl | Beautiful Broken Things

There were a few more than this beginning with ‘B’ that I’ve read but these were some of the more noticeable ones. Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard is a book that REALLY speaks to me and is one of my favourite books (I am SO excited for the sequel in 2019!). I remember reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath after seeing it being talked about everywhere. I had little idea what it was about but I found it really compelling. The BFG is a childhood favourite of mine. Sophie meeting the BFG is an adventure I longed to go on myself.

Books on my TBR beginning with ‘B’

Being Miss Nobody | The Bone Season | Beyond the Odyssey | Big Bones | The Boneless Mercies | The Bear and the Nightingale


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Have you read any of the ‘B’ books on my TBR? Which do you most recommend?

What is your favourite book beginning with ‘B’?


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8 responses to “The ABC Book Challenge: B

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  3. I love Beautiful Broken Things too, and I’m really looking forward to picking up Bookshop Girl, hopefully soon. I adored both Being Miss Nobody and Beyond the Odyssey, hope you enjoy!
    Amy x


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