Book Review: The Strangeworlds Travel Agency by L.D. Lapinski

I am finally back with a new review – the first in a long time but I absolutely could not sit on this recommendation after devouring this book in one day making it not only my first book of 2021, but my first 5 star read of the year too! Read on to see my thoughts.

Title: The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

Author: L.D. Lapinski

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

Publisher: Orion Children’s Books (UK)

Pages: 376

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Before picking up my copy of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency I already knew that I was in for a treat. Not only was there a tonne of buzz about this novel all over Twitter but some of my closest and most reliable bookish friends were raving about it! I jumped into this adventure with high hopes and was not at all disappointed!

Our main character is Flick, a young girl with a lot on her shoulders and a lack of excitement in her life, until she stumbles upon the Strangeworlds Travel Agency. There she meet Jonathon and the world as she knows it starts to unravel as she becomes accustomed to a new way of travelling the multiverse. Jumping in and out of suitcases sees Flick and Jonathan take on a whole host of challenges in a range of fantastical, whimsical and magical worlds ultimately ending in them needing to take on the bad guys and trying to save their travel agency.

Strangeworlds is full of excitement and adventure from the very beginning. I was immediately sucked in by the idea of being able to use suitcases to step into new worlds and even now am still wishing this was a real life thing!! Imagine being able to quickly step into a suitcase and ending up next to your best bookish pals in a coffee shop in seconds – the concept really caught my attention. L.D. Lapinski’s writing is both humorous and captivating as we are introduced to a range of exciting and magical new worlds. The descriptions are vivid and realistic meaning it is easy to visualise the worlds Flick is visiting which only serves to suck the reader in more.

I adored everything about this book: the characters, the concept, the writing, the adventure, the worlds, the baddies, the ending. The Strangeworlds Travel Agency is an exceptional new series and I immediately preordered the sequel which is due out in a few months here in the UK. I certainly cannot wait to see what Flick and Jonathan get up to next!

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